SecureMe is the top-rated security door in Italy, designed to protect your family and your belongings.

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DiMa is the only company in Italy that manufactures security garage doors.

DiMa is Italy’s leading manufacturer of secure garage doors, trusted by architects and homeowners to protect their homes and belongings.

SecureMe, la basculante di sicurezza numero uno in Italia
SecureMe, la basculante di sicurezza numero uno in Italia, in multistrato marino, adatta a contesti storici con accessori di ottone
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We designed SecureMe, the number 1 security door in Italy.

The only garage door that protects you from theft attempts and also protects you while you use it thanks to its innovative movement system.

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Customer Service

A team of trained technicians and sales representatives are available to provide you with all the information you need.

Before, during and after the purchase of your garage door.


We Create Security Doors

Security Tilting Doors

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Your comfort is our top priority, along with security.

DUO, basculante di sicurezza snodata esterna, adatta per diversi contesti come vetrine, negozi, verande.

Discover our space-saving solutions.

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