SecureMe, la basculante di sicurezza numero uno in Italia

The Leading Tilting Door Manufacturer

For over 30 years, we have been the leading manufacturer of security tilting doors.

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Custom-Made Security Tilting Doors: Crafted with Care

When we started our business, we focused on what is still the distinctive feature of our offer today: providing the customer with exactly the product they need.

For years, we were the only company in Italy to handcraft custom-made doors, so that customers would not have to adapt to standard market sizes.

SecureMe la basculante di sicurezza numero uno in Italia in multistrato marino, verniciato rosso/marrone con incisione finte doghe

It is precisely thanks to this direct relationship with customers and their needs that we have been able to perfect our product, to the point where today we build a tilting door that:

  • Is easily automated, making every movement fluid.
  • Requires no maintenance.
  • Is resistant to any break-in attempt.
  • Never warps, even in the largest sizes.

Not only that, our work looks to the future, and does so with a continuous research and development activity, day after day

We invest in state-of-the-art machinery and raw materials, with the aim of making our customers safer and more comfortable with a 100% personalized door.

We manage the entire production chain, without any intermediaries. From the measurement survey to the installation and assistance, you will have a single point of reference.

We have been doing all this since 1990 and the thing that rewards us the most is the satisfaction of the customers who have installed SecureMe, the number one security tilting door in Italy.

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