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How to reinforce and armor a garage door?

If you have an unsafe garage door, I’m telling you  the secret to making it impenetrable.

By now you will have nausea about what I think of unsafe overhead doors, but keeping your family safe should not be a compulsion but a natural instinct, either you have it or you will always be anxious.

Just go to the newsstands and articles that talk about intrusions, robberies, assaults in unsafe houses, there are a lot of them. Nevertheless, there are still individuals who think that misfortunes happen only to others.

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I’ve seen too many accidents caused by too-poor products

In my career as an entrepreneur, having been in direct contact with those who use the garage door, I felt and touched with the hands of events that if I told you about them now I would not let you sleep peacefully for the next few weeks.

If you also have an unsafe overhead door, don’t blame yourself for it, because those who wanted to make you a product to make a sale brought you there. They didn’t tell you that you wouldn’t be safe, but they only hypnotized you on the price and alas you fell for it.

Today you find yourself in a house where you have installed a burglar alarm designed for you by NASA, but you didn’t think it was advisable to leave the thieves outside instead of letting them in and then hearing the 2000 decibel siren sound!

The big problem is that there are so many people like you.

The good thing though is that you have two solutions to make your garage door safe:

  • The first is to try to limit the damage as much as possible by acting on the door you have
  • The second is to keep you safe once and for all.

Let’s start with you

When you made your home they installed a sheet metal door because the company put you in the contract and you didn’t bother to ask for security features.

You can act in multiple ways but you must know that the damage is now done and now you can only file the edges.

What can you do to increase the security of your overhead door?

Change the lock: You can replace it with a model that cannot be attacked from the outside. I install locks with anti-drill protection on my doors. If you don’t even want to see the pawl, then I can supply you with a manganese plate with an opening through a magnetic transponder.

Serratura con protezione antitrapano

If you can’t touch the lock, then you can always install the so-called “bell” on the floor that you can lock with a padlock.

Evaluate only the stress you will have when you need to get out of the car, bend down to open this thing on the ground, maybe dirty or wet from the rain because your door is completely outside.

It is not life!

Reinforce the sheet:: at least in the area near the lock. First I told you to change the lock, but if the sheet is then cut with a simple april, that speech is useless.

Try putting a sheet of metal in the inner part that avoids the break-in near the lock. This will at least allow you to waste time for thieves.

Install bars: on the inside you can install profiles that prevent your door from being bent to one side. First I told you to protect the lock, but if then the door can be folded by pulling it outwards to one side, then even the speech of the sheet is of no use.

However, all these operations require attention

Your door has been designed to support the construction weight and nothing more. If you go to install bars, plates, locks with plates, you will surely have to increase the counterweights otherwise the door will not remain open or, if it is motorized, the motor will go under stress and you risk burning it.

The problem is this: are you sure that by increasing the counterweights the rope will hold the new weight? And the pulley? Are you sure it won’t break after some use?

I have some doubts!

The best and definitive solution to your fears is SecureMe, the security overhead door.

Basculante zincata
SecureME porta basculante di sicurezza zincata a doghe.

The only up-and-over garage door that:

  • They never waste time
  • Does not use low quality materials
  • It does not need frequent maintenance
  • You will feel itlight and it will be really easy to use

SecureMe can be installed wherever you want and can replace any system for opening your current garage.

It is built to measure only you will be followed in all phases of the choice.

It is personalize with a series of accessories and with a refined design.

In the company I invested considerable capital in the search for new materials and today you have the possibility of having a garage door that has not existed so far.

SecureMe is born safe

You don’t need to make any subsequent changes. We assemble it and forget it. We handle everything, even the part of scheduled maintenance. At expiration we call you and organize preventive maintenance.

You will have no more thoughts

Now you know how to make your family safe and you also know what the right choice to do is.

If you want other useful information for your situation, leave me your email and you will discover truths that nobody has ever revealed to you..

Stay safe, choose SecureMe

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