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Where You Can Try Garage Doors DiMa srl

I am increasingly receiving requests from people who read my blog or articles published on social media.

People who, like you, are really curious to try SecureMe, the only security pivot that never goes away.

They don’t believe it, they’ve never seen such a thing and believe it’s a hoax just to stuff something like all the others.

I won’t blame you, today the market is full of idiots who offer a service or a product exactly like the others by tricking you into believing that it’s the best.

But have they shown you that that is actually the best?

Have you ever tried the product before buying it?

Have you ever analyzed your specific situation before signing the check for a lift that you will not do absolutely nothing from it because it has no value on your home?

Have you ever talked to customers who already use the product you would like to buy?

This is the reason that pushes me to be present in most of the fair events.

On these occasions we have the opportunity to compare ourselves, to try SecureMe and you can evaluate for yourself if this is the up-and-over door that is right for you or it is better to take one of the many because you don’t care if you have to spend a lot of money on maintenance or worse if you will feel the bad feeling of finding the house burglarized because it took them 3 minutes to force the tilting € 500 you bought superficially.

Of course the best thing to do is to make an appointment with me in the company, it will be just me, and you can ask all the questions you want, compose the door that is right for you and have the complete picture that you just tried it is the door to your home.

In the meantime, however, you can jump to one of the events in which I will be present and you will start to get an idea of how strong e light SecureMe is.

Where you can try SecureMe security overhead doors.

  • Pinerolo Craft Fair 2018

From 7 to 9 September I wait for you in piazza Cavour – Pinerolo –

When the holidays are over, let’s start immediately with the Pinerolo craft fair.

A 3 days full immersion in which it is worth trying the stability of SecureMe.

There will be two overhead doors available on which you can vent all your anger and violence and remember that

if you swallow it is free

  • San Matteo-Nichelino Craft 2018

from 14 to 24 September 2018.

New for 2018 is the presence of our company at this fair.

You will have SecureMe available, you can try it, you can analyze the robustness of the materials and ask for any information on your particular situation.

Are you afraid that someone could violate your privacy in your home?

Are you afraid that the port you’re currently using is dangerous because when you move it wobbles?

Rest assured that we have a solution for all your questions.

Come and visit us and you will receive our free catalog.

  • Tuttomele – cavour Craft

from 10 to 18 November 2018

By now this event is the point of reference for all our customers in the province of Cuneo and beyond.

Meeting those who have been using SecureMe for years and hearing them compliment you, thanking you for having recommended a right solution for their needs is priceless.

You will see a combined stand, a reconstructed façade, a winning combination between the overhead door and the entrance door.

A refined design to show who will come to see you at home that details are one of your fundamental points.

  • Restructura Craft 2018

from 15 to 18 November

The most famous building trade fair in Piedmont.

In this fair, I strongly suggest you come for a ride because there will be a lot of companies that will offer garage doors.

You will think I went crazy to invite you into the lions cage.

No, absolutely no!

This is your unique opportunity to evaluate in just a couple of hours how much higher SecureMe is compared to all the other garage doors (up-and-over, sectional doors …) that offer you today.

Of course if you don’t care about quality but you are looking for the price, you will surely find the right product for you, but I ask you for a favor: don’t pass and don’t stop at my stand!

Don’t waste my time if what you’re looking for is just the price.

I tell you that in the stand you will find an overhead door that starts from € 4000 upwards, so if it’s just the price you want to know, the problem is solved.

If, on the other hand, you are an attentive person, one who knows what the true value that a quality up-and-over door can give to your home means, then you will be welcome.

These are the events that we have planned so far, surely during the course of the year we will do others and if you leave me your email in this form, I will inform you privately.

Come and find out how to get security out of the garage.

I wait for you.

  • Pinerolo Craft Fair 2019

From 06 to 08 September

43° edition of this trade fair for the craft sector

3 days in which merchants, organizers and customers can test with hand the solidity and safety of our overhead doors: SecureMe!

Many people are convinced and firmly belive that the overhead are all the same

I don’t blame you but I also tell you that they are come to this awerness because they didn’t know SecureMe

Instead the customers who bought SecureMe, don’t think this

If you can’t come to the fair, make an appointment with our technical office and you will have the opportunity to test our doors

I wait for you!

  • Vigone Craft Fair 2019 – Maize and Horses 

From 18 to 20 October

The novelty is the presence of our company at this fail 2019

You will have available SecureMe, you will be able to analyze the robustness of materials and you can ask any information

You fear that in your house can came in a thives?

Be calm because we have always the solution to everything

Come to visit us!

  • Tuttomele Cavour craft 2019

From 09 to 17 November

From many years this event has been the reference point for all our customers who live in province of Cuneo (TO) and not only

If you are looking for the number one of security overhead door, here you are in the right place

9 days of full immersion in which safety and stability are worth trying of SecureMe: the overhead doors number 1 in Italy

In them there are two overhead doors at your disposal on which you can test with hand the high quality

Came to visit us and you will discover which one is right for you !

  • Restructura Craft 2019 – Lingotto fiere – Oval Torino 

From 14 to 17 November

Most famous construction industry fair of Piedmont

20 years of partecipation and 20 years of maximum customer satisfaction

In this fair you will be find many types of company specialized in doors because is a very important big fair

But a person of good taste like you would recognize us in the midst of a thousand

This is your only occasion to value in a pair of hours how SecureMe is much higher than the others garage doors

I tell you that you will be find the overhead doors in our stand that his price is € 4000 in up, then, if you will know only the price here is solved the problem

If instead you are a careful person at safety of your family, the price will be a secondary aspect

Think you of your family , choose SecureMe

Come to us in our stand

We will find a solution for all your problems

  • Santa Caterina – Rivoli Craft 2019 

On 25 November

Are you afraid that the door you’re using now is dangerous because when you open it, you feel it is instincive ?

This is the occasion  for you, another way to try SecureMe: the security overhead door number 1 in Italy

I invite you to come because you will be amazed when you will test the high quality

If you don’t belive me, come to us and will be welcomed by our technical personnel

Come and you will receive our free catalog

I wait for you at our stand !


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