Are you thinking about the best alarm system for your home but you are undecided which one to choose?

How many times has it happened to you that you are at work and you are not concentrated because your thoughts constantly go home to your children alone because you were afraid that there would be intrusions and they would hurt them?

Has it ever happened to you to have to give up evenings with friends because you were afraid that your car, your € 5000 carbon fiber bicycle or your collection of historical models, the result of a lifetime of sacrifices, would be damaged or even stolen?

I’ll tell you the story of Carlo, my client for many years now

Mr. Carlo is 88 years old, a man who has seen and experienced everything in life. His life experience can be an example for many

He has always been passionate about aeromodeling. He has 12 models and do you know where he has always kept them? In his garage because he had no space in the house

He started collecting these models when he was 27 years old. We can say a lifetime spent investing!


As soon as he had some money saved up, he bought and perfected his airplane models. He invested a lot of money, but one day he comes home and… I’ll let you imagine.

A lifetime of sacrifices thrown away in a flash!

Carlo still remembers that bad day

In the months following the incident, I received a call to the company and, still shaken, he began to tell me the whole story, accompanied by a sense of regret, because Carlo tells me that he had a galvanized condominium swing door, that is, made of simple sheet metal and which was already installed when he bought the house, but he had not worried or wondered how safe that garage door was.

Once Carlo touches the real security with his hand… He didn’t think twice, he bought SecureMe, our number 1 security swing door in Italy and from there, after a few years, we contacted him asking how he was finding his garage door and we heard him as a person full of life, a person who has rebuilt his airplane collection from scratch and who thanks to SecureMe, many of his other colleagues have made their passions safe, indeed he even told us that there was another attempted theft but this time, they preferred to force his neighbor’s door.

This story teaches us not to live a life of superficiality, lack of attention and then regret

Take an example from Carlo!


But what if I told you that I have the solution for you too? With SecureMe you will no longer have to worry and you will no longer have to give up going out with friends because your family, your home and all your belongings will be safe

By now almost all of our houses are built with reinforced concrete walls that make us feel safe, but the problem always remains the entrance or garage door where there can obviously not be a concrete structure

Many people think that having an alarm system then they are safe, and instead no, give me two minutes and I will explain why:

You must know that from the moment the alarm goes off, it means that the thieves are already in your house, they are already taking away as much stuff as possible, and by the time you go to see, they are already on their way back with your most precious belongings.


And let’s say that this is already an aspect not to be underestimated at all, but think if instead of goods, they managed to go up to the house and there were your children alone. I wouldn’t be very calm!

And I bet that of those who have their homes on multiple floors, few think that having the television on they may hear the noises little or not even hear them at all and find themselves “the surprise afterwards”.

But I don’t want to worry you too much because I thought about you with SecureMe: the number 1 security swing door in Italy. Buying SecureMe will make you feel like you have an impenetrable wall!


With this swing door we really reach the pinnacle of product safety and solidity

The issue of safety has become a dominant factor that we all have to deal with every day. We are constantly committed to finding any solution for each of our customers (obviously always maintaining a high level of security)

Our number 1 security swing door in Italy, reduces burglaries by 93% from strangers as it is built with perfect solidity and robustness. In addition, SecureMe is also number 1 in anti-warping, look below, I will show you without tricks the degree of robustness of SecureMe.

You need to know that the first thing a thief thinks about is entering from the easiest side, which is the garage door, but with this high level of anti-burglary, they won’t even try or, as Carlo told you before, they will choose the door of the neighbor who doesn’t have SecureMe.

In addition, thanks to a wide range of coatings, we are able to satisfy any of your requests according to your aesthetic taste

Obviously, if you live in a condominium, you must know that the choice of the external panel is bound by the established aesthetics and in compliance with the designs of the original doors. The external panel of a condominium door must be as similar as possible to those of the existing doors.


This photo fully expresses the concept of equality: Cristina, our customer, was bound in the choice of the aesthetics of her new home living in a condominium, but for us there was no problem since we work guaranteeing 100% customization. In fact, know that your door will be tailored to your every need!

If you would like to discover more about the world of SecureMe: the number 1 security swing door in Italy, all you have to do is click here and download our catalog

Don’t wait, if you are among the first to register, you will receive an exclusive offer that is right for you!

If I were you, I wouldn’t miss out on this top of the range!

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