Better One Big Door or Two Small Ones?

This is a question that many people ask themselves but almost no one has enough material to answer it

Yes, because by doing research on the web and listening to professionals, I have realized that there is a lack of information on this subject, or if there is, it is not entirely correct.

To give you a better understanding, I’ll tell you the story of Luigi.

Mr. Luigi was in a situation that he didn’t even know how he had gotten into.

Look at the pictures, Luigi had two 2.20 meter side-by-side swing doors and a vertical glass window.


He paid so much money to his body shop that he couldn’t take it anymore!

Every time he entered the garage and got distracted or it was dark, he risked hitting the side of his car on the swing door.

He met me and entrusted himself to my experience because I am the only one who gave him a concrete solution to his problem.

A detailed study down to the smallest detail, from the measurements to the accessories Luigi needed to make 100% use of his new door.

Here is the result:


  • SecureMe galvanized 5 meters wide with the only anti-warping system;
  • Pedestrian door to allow Luigi and his family to enter and exit the door freely without having to open the entire leaf;
  • The glassing was made horizontally with a larger illuminated surface;
  • Luigi’s satisfaction at finally having eliminated one of his biggest problems.

I hear freelance professionals such as architects, surveyors and even garage door dealers saying “ah, such large doors do not exist on the market”, or they are the same ones who tell you to opt for 2 doors instead of one large one because in this way (they don’t tell you but…) they earn more.

Today I say ENOUGH!

These are all lies and in this case Luigi, like many of my other customers, is living proof of this.

Deciding to install two doors means doubling the costs because the installation, transport and processing will be calculated on 2 doors instead of 1. Furthermore, if you need a pedestrian passage between your garage and your home and therefore the installation of 2 pedestrian doors this cost will also be double.

But what about the convenience? Now Luigi can do all the maneuvers he wants inside his garage without the fixed column between the two doors

My primary goal is to solve the garage door problems that my customers have, as well as those who regret making a wrong choice in the past and therefore want to remedy it

Don’t believe them when they try to convince you that installing 2 small doors is better than installing 1 large one because they are just cheating you. I read that to convince you they write:

  • “Your back will thank you because it will be very heavy to lift;
  • You will have many more problems with just one;
  • They will open it easily for you;
  • It won’t be safe;”



SecureMe is the number 1 security swing door in Italy and it is the right one for you!

zincata che non si svergola D.M.A.


  • IT NEVER WARPS: try to imagine lifting your door but not being alone to lift it. This is exactly the feeling: you are lifting the door but you constantly have the perception that someone is helping you to do the movement. You feel it so light and stable that you won’t feel alone. Imagine lifting the swing door from one side and on the other side there is someone who is doing the same movement as you but inadvertently one of the two makes a more sudden movement, there is no need to worry because the anti-twisting system always keeps the door in line and never lets it WARP;
  • RESISTS ATTEMPTED THEFT: structure that is proof against forced entry. You will always have the feeling that there is an armed guard in front of your garage who is watching your home for free.
  • DOES NOT REQUIRE MAINTENANCE: you will no longer have to get your hands dirty to lubricate the moving parts and above all you will not waste your precious time on a gate that never works.
  • DOES NOT REQUIRE MASONRY WORK: you will not have to incur any additional expenses to adapt the garage space to the door because, as I said before, SecureMe is designed and built to measure for your garage!

Now that you have a broader overview, I invite you to reflect on this and be careful who you get information from.

Choose a door that suits your needs, there is no need for you to adapt!

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