Beyond Normal, There’s SecureMe, the Number One Security Swing Door in Italy

If I asked you, right now, how are you? What would you say?

I don’t think the answer would be “Couldn’t be better than this!” unless it was the result of a momentary event.

As you may have noticed, I believe that the most appropriate title for this article is “BEYOND NORMAL”

What do you think, what does it make you think of?

Do you want to know why I think this title is the most appropriate?

Simple… Look at this picture


Don’t you think so too?

I remember as if it were a very distant memory, that month of February 2019, when rumors began to circulate about a flu in the distant Asian continent, specifically in China.

It seemed so far away, it seemed so paradoxical, absurd, impossible, that no one could have imagined such a continuation

Do you remember when you said IMPOSSIBLE, and they replied that nothing is impossible in this world? Well, I’m starting to really believe it.


In no time at all, we found ourselves in an extraordinary situation, a situation much bigger than us

Masks, bans, sanctions, deaths, hospitalizations, crises, no relationships between people, no physical contact, no parties, no visits to our loved ones…

This pandemic has surprised us in all ways!

In the first lockdown, being forced to lead a quieter, more “homey” life, we rediscovered values that too many people, unfortunately, had locked away in drawers. For example?

  • Cooking together with your loved ones? We witnessed the battle of yeast, flour…
  • Endless chats with neighbors?
  • Remote snacks?
  • Playing together with your family?
  • Secureme-distanti

Well yes, as I was saying, it has taken away so much from us, perhaps too much, but it has also given us a lot

It is strange to think that all of us, right now, are living through a historical period that will be remembered in the coming years, centuries, and to those who read it, it will seem absurd just as the Spanish flu that occurred between 1918 and 1920 seems strange to us.

No one could have imagined such a situation. And instead, in no time at all, we found ourselves forced to stay locked up at home, not to go to work or school (except for some categories), we found ourselves forced to embrace our loved ones only with our thoughts behind a screen, forced to see our activities CLOSED for months on end!

“It seems like a dream, or rather, a nightmare that you can’t wait to wake up from”


At the beginning, when everything you heard seemed like just absurd rumors. I remember customers, friends, relatives urging, saying: “wow, finally 2 weeks, I’ll spend them in total relaxation, stop everything and everyone”

You can’t even blame those who thought this, because still unaware, still incredulous of what was about to happen. No one, as I was saying, could have imagined a similar situation. A PANDEMIC, a virus that went on to hit and kill so many people WORLDWIDE!


The emotional phases of the Covid 19 lockdown?


In the last year, in my opinion, we have gone through different phases emotionally speaking, without giving them a specific weight

The lockdown above all was a new experience for everyone, no one had ever had a family, cultural reference that could help or make us imagine what would happen.

You know, I confide in you with my heart in my hand a “difficulty“. As I go on with the story, I am dusting off emotions, feelings, photographic images, phrases that echo in my brain that make me reflect and it is not easy.

It is difficult to explain what we have been through, what we are unconsciously going through right now.
You dust off memories that paradoxically seem very far away but at the same time are very recent.


It is difficult because you try to make sense of all this enormous chaos, you try to complete a puzzle that perhaps will be completed in the years to come.

I think that if you too, stopped and tried to tell the story, you would find it difficult. But let’s try together.


To form your puzzle, try to retrace in your thoughts the key events of the last year, and try to understand what sensations you have experienced.

  • There were rumors already in January of an unknown virus, a new virus, “a simple flu”. Our reaction? Rejection, denial, underestimation. Here are the 3 feelings linked to the initiation phase. But alas, with hindsight, underestimating from the start has proven to be a big mistake.

  • All of a sudden, we found the disease right behind our own front door, and the first measures, the first restrictions to limit contagion, began. Newspapers, TVs started talking ONLY and exclusively about the Coronavirus. The first articles began, “Universities and schools closed until March…”; “Air of curfew, strict prohibition to leave home except for work or health reasons”; “Not even a last farewell to loved ones before the celebration.” Here, the phase of disbelief begins, the phase of “we understand what’s happening to us,” a real disorientation.
  • Disorientamento-covidd
  • The anticipation of turning on the television and waiting until 11:00 PM to hear Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte communicate the new measures established to the entire nation. I remember that right after these interventions, you would turn off the television and remain silent, staring into space, becoming increasingly aware that the situation was becoming tragic.
  • As the months passed, we went from an informative phase to a coexistence phase with the virus. A forced coexistence between fears, worries, concerns, restlessness
  • Convinvenza-con-il-virus
  • Not to mention the despair of not being able to say goodbye to a loved one but letting them go alone without even a final farewell, and when we were forced to be SEGREGATED at home for several months? Having the television on practically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, showing the same heartbreaking images of empty cities, deserted squares, hospitals on the verge of collapse.
  • costretti-a-stare-chiusi-in-casa

And how did you feel during these months locked at home? Bitter, sad, bewildered, fearful, and scared, right?

You should know that I had the opportunity, through a survey, to become aware of the moods caused by this chaotic situation, which I had never noticed before!

The result of the survey, I would have never expected


I would have never expected that staying at home would greatly increase the level of insecurity for 8 out of 10 people.

I would have never expected that someone, because of fear, couldn’t wait to get out of it.

I would have never expected that many people stayed up at night watching over the house out of fear.

Yes, I am not making anything up. The situation was truly disastrous. Furthermore, someone had to turn to specialists to find a solution to this fear.

Have you understood what it’s about? In addition to the fear/worry of the virus itself, there was an even bigger fear!
As I was saying, I thought, or rather, I hoped it wasn’t like this, but many people were TERRIBLY AFRAID OF BURGLARY ATTEMPTS, of the UNSTABILITY of the garage door!


Indeed, some even went as far as putting as many things as possible in front of the door to prevent or at least make theft more difficult.

You might be thinking, “but didn’t they notice it before?”

The answer is not so obvious.
It’s common to underestimate certain assets, let alone when you’re not always present in using it.

What do I mean?
As long as you’re always out for work commitments, as long as you’re always in a rush, as long as you’re never home, you’ll never notice well the situation you’re living in. Or if you’re aware of it, you never find the time to find a solution.

During and after the lockdown, requests for garage doors reached their peak.

If you’re here, it’s because deep down, you know you’re in this situation.

Those who acted IMMEDIATELY during and after the lockdown, today fully enjoy their home, their family, with total carefreeness and tranquility!

And do you know why?
They chose SecureMe, the number one security garage door in Italy!

What does SecureMe have that’s so special?


SecureMe is the only door that:

  • DOES NOT require any extraordinary maintenance
  • IS NOT made with standard measurements but only custom-made
  • DOES NOT succumb to burglary attempts

Not to mention the feature that makes it even more unique! ⬇️⬇️

SecureMe is the only security garage door that NEVER BOWS!

What does it mean that SecureMe never bows?

D.M.A. SecureMe: porta basculante di sicurezza numero 1 in Italia che NON si svergola MAI

Here’s what it means.

If you take any garage door on the market and lift it from one side and not from the center, the other side will seem to fall, give in, twist. SecureMe, on the other hand, NO!

SecureMe is the solution you’ve always looked for but never found before.

What are you waiting for? Give space to security and serenity, FEEL AT HOME with SecureMe!

Act before you regret it.. You know, you never know if there might be another lockdown or if a similar situation might occur in a few years.

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