DUO: Security tilt door that opens fully outward

The innovative system that redefines the concept of opening. Changing the way you experience your home, your garage, your shop, is now possible, only with DUO.

An evolution of security and elegance

DUO Tilt Door: a masterpiece of security and design

Are you searching for something extraordinary? Welcome to the new dimension of access: the tilt door that opens fully outward: DUO.

In addition to providing unprecedented security, this tilt door is an elegant statement of style, designed to revolutionize the way you experience your garage and beyond.


An opening towards innovation

The DUO security tilt door redefines the concept of opening. Its distinctive feature is the complete outward opening, creating a harmonious flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.

An innovation that goes beyond functionality, transforming every access into an unparalleled experience.

No obstruction

DUO ensures the maintenance of light with zero obstruction! Finally, you won’t have the problem of folding your mirrors to enter or even give up parking your car in the garage.

Currently, you have a door that reduces your passage in width and height. The space of the uprights is necessary for correct and functional use. With this solution, you always have the presence of uprights where the counterweights slide laterally, but you have the possibility to install the door directly above, instead of inside the space. Imagine as if you were gluing, placing the door frame on the facade of your house. In this way, the door is made as wide as the wall, so you won’t have any reduction.


Tailor-made, like a perfect suit for your space

Imagine a door designed exclusively for your space. With DUO, this vision becomes reality. Width, height, design: every detail is customized to fit perfectly into your environment, offering unparalleled harmony.

DUO, basculante di sicurezza snodata esterna multistrato marino __

No Maintenance

Forget constant maintenance. DUO is built with high-quality materials, ensuring weather resistance without sacrificing aesthetics. In addition to its robustness, it offers total customization freedom – panoramic windows, automation, engravings to your liking, emblems.

Installazione di SecureMe e DUO, porta basculante di sicurezza per garage in multistrato marino, legno, dotata di oblò, design moderno ed elegante. Villa storica di lusso in provincia di Milano

Suitable for every context: an example of versatility

The DUO tilt door is not just a garage solution

A versatile innovation designed to adapt to a variety of different contexts, offering surprising benefits that go well beyond expectations.

Outdoor closure: an integrated canopy

Imagine DUO as an outdoor closure, replacing traditional shutters.

Once opened, it creates a canopy that protects you from the sun or weather without the need for awnings. An innovation that combines aesthetics and functionality, making your outdoor space more comfortable and inviting.

Terraces and pergolas: transform your exterior into a multifunctional open space



From winter closure to maximum summer enjoyment, DUO integrates perfectly on terraces and pergolas. In winter, close to retain heat and protect plants. In summer, open up and transform your home into an open space directly onto the garden.

Unparalleled versatility for a cutting-edge living experience

Public spaces: invite your customers with an open and welcoming space

If you own a bar or commercial space, consider DUO as an alternative to the classic fixed showcase. Fully open, DUO eliminates any barriers creating a very wide and welcoming opening. Imagine the flow of customers who will be invited to enter when all the showcases are open.
A smart way to make your public space more welcoming and attractive. Not to mention how perfect the merchandise will look with the store closed.

DUO Experience: where security and style merge

Contact us at 011/933.8348 or send an email to info@dmporte.com, explore the endless possibilities of DUO.


Our showroom is ready to welcome you. You’ll find our team ready to guide you in making the best choice for your space.

Choose DUO security tilt door: an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, where innovation, functionality and elegance meet to create a safe, comfortable, and beautiful environment.

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