DUO, the security garage door that opens fully outward

Are you facing space constraints while considering replacing your garage door?

You park your car with the mirrors folded and tight against the wall, leaving no room to reduce the height or width of the passage?

I understand!

During my pre-sales consultations, most people express this concern

Once upon a time, cars were narrow and low…

And as a result, in 84% of cases, I find myself facing garages built in proportion to vintage cars, therefore small.

However, the problem nowadays is that cars have grown significantly in size compared to the past, creating a major issue here.

I understand that you might be losing hope!

You’ve contacted several garage door companies, tried every possible solution, but unfortunately, haven’t found it yet.

Until now, you haven’t found that door that fits your needs with ZERO ENCUMBRANCE.

But let me uplift your spirits, I don’t want to see you discouraged.

Finally, today you’ve come across an article that is tailor-made for you!

Let me reassure you! The solution to your problem is here, and it’s called DUO!

Finally, you won’t have to spend sleepless nights searching for a suitable door for your home.

Look at this photo, let me introduce you to:

DUO, the first garage door that revolutionizes the way you live in your home.

DUO la basculante di sicurezza che apre tutta verso l'esterno_

Do you want to reclaim space and make your home comfortable?

Here is the solution for you!

The only security garage door in Italy that opens entirely outward and is installed completely on the external wall so as not to reduce the passage by even 1 centimeter!

Duo is a MADE IN ITALY product!
Produced at Via Borgognone, 7 – 10090 Trana in the province of Turin!

Being manufacturers, you can have DUO:

DUO-BASCULANTE-DI-SICUREZZA_In galvanized sheet metal, coated with customized marine plywood, you will have the opportunity to insert large, small glass areas, useful for making your door unique, comfortable, and efficient in use.

Where can you install DUO, the external hinged security garage door?

DUO, you can install it as a garage door: with the great advantage that you will make the room larger and it will become much more convenient to enter

  • DUO, you can install it as an external fixture: an innovative system that replaces the classic shutters. The great advantage is that, once opened, it creates a small roof that protects you from the sun without the need to install an awning.
  • DUO, basculante di sicurezza snodata esterna multistrato marino __
  • DUO, you can install it on terraces and pergolas: imagine having a portico. In winter, you can keep it closed, retaining heat in the house and perhaps letting potted plants hibernate. In summer, you can open it up and turn your home into an open space directly onto your garden.
  • 10
  • DUO, you can install it in public premises: Do you have a bar? Instead of the classic shop window that obstructs your customers’ entrance, by installing this door, you can open it completely, eliminating the barrier created by the fixed shop window. Are you in a shopping center? Imagine how many customers will be enticed to enter your premises when all the windows are open!

DUO, basculante di sicurezza snodata esterna

A door that sees many different applications while always maintaining high security, design, and quality!!

A door that you can only find at DiMa srl!

If you think you’ve found the solution to your problems, don’t hesitate to contact us at 011.933.8348 or send an email to info@dmporte.com

Our team of professionals will be happy to help you find the door that best suits your needs!

And to learn more about aesthetics, finishes, accessories, click here and find out much more.



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