Galvanized Overhead Door: A Secure Garage Door

If when you hear the word ‘overhead door’, you immediately think of the classic galvanized steel door commonly found in garages, then I recommend you read on.

Have you ever opened a galvanized overhead door, one of those found in apartment buildings, just to give you an idea?

You must have noticed that when you open it, you can’t help but be careful.

Well, when you do something and you have to be careful, many times there is a danger behind it.

Now, you might be wondering what kind of danger could possibly be lurking behind an overhead door?

After all, it’s just a door!

Is the galvanized overhead door dangerous?

The biggest danger of an overhead door is when it’s built with poor materials.

When I talk about poor materials, I mean a whole range of components that, when put together, form the overhead door.

What is an Overhead Door Made of?

The answer to this question might seem obvious, but not all components are always taken into account.

Basically, the overhead door is made up of two parts:

  • A fixed part;
  • A movable part.

The fixed part has a very specific task: to hold the door fixed to the adjacent walls.

Most galvanized overhead doors have a very thin structure, which is why the installation often involves the masonry of brackets to the wall.

Many companies are now equipping themselves so that the door can be bolted to the wall instead of being bricked, thus avoiding the burden of having a mason demolish the wall and restore it.

Here at our company, we have decided that SecureMe, the number one security overhead door in Italy, should not be installed by a mason (or not necessarily) but only through dowels

The great advantage of SecureMe is precisely the robustness of the supporting structure, which allows the overhead door to be installed with two floor dowels and two dowels at the top.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Robust Structure?

  • Fast installation: our team of technicians takes an average of half a day to deliver and test a security overhead door.
  • Absence of masonry and cost reduction: the elimination of the constraint of having to brick the brackets to install the overhead door safely reduces installation costs. With SecureMe, only our technicians intervene during the installation phase, taking care of dismantling the old door, assembling the new one, installing any cover strips, and connecting any automation to the nearest power outlet. All included in the installation cost.
  • Increased security: SecureMe has such sturdy uprights that it’s as if there were two load-bearing pillars on the sides made of high-thickness profiles, making the door the most robust on the market.

How Are the Counterweights of an Overhead Door Made?

In SecureMe, the counterweights are made only of steel with a cut and a joint that allow the addition of additional weight without resorting to DIY work and special studies.

Many of my clients buy a manual overhead door and then motorize it after a few years! Thanks to this tried-and-tested system, when motors are added to the door and therefore there is an increase in weight, with a simple gesture, it’s possible to recalibrate the lifting of the door and make it light.

In our production, we have modules of 5 Kg, 10 Kg, and 20 Kg; depending on the amount of weight needed, the exact module is inserted.

How Are the Ropes of an Overhead Door?

This is the most hated component of all for anyone who hears the word ‘overhead door’! In fact, on cheap overhead doors, it’s the component that requires the most maintenance and undergoes the most wear along with the pulleys.

If you ask someone who has had an overhead door for a few years, they will tell you they have already changed the rope at least once. On SecureMe, this problem has been definitively solved.

The ropes have a minimum diameter of 6 mm and the coupling with the pulley prevents breakage.

What Type of Pulley Should You Choose for an Overhead Door?

Another very important element for having a functional and maintenance-free door is the pulley.

Most of the time, a commercial wheel is installed (which can be found in any warehouse selling pulleys) and it’s made of plastic.

This way, the coupling between pulley and rope is not perfect, and that’s why the rope often breaks.

Let me explain better: if the groove of the pulley tends to pinch the rope running inside, there will be continuous breakages of the rope.

On SecureMe, we have definitively solved this problem, in fact, we only install steel pulleys turned by us

Our technical team has developed a turning process such that the groove of the pulley perfectly matches the diameter of the rope.

This way, the rope no longer suffers any pinching and we have managed to find a definitive solution to frequent breakages.

How Should the Side Sliding Guides be?

The vertical sliding of the door occurs thanks to the vertical guides.

There are overhead doors on the market that have these components made from a bent sheet metal and the profile is open.

In SecureMe, this guide is a real load-bearing beam consisting of a material thickness of 3 millimeters and inside we slide a pair of low-wear bearings.

Having such a system means no longer having to witness annoying adjustments of the structure and eliminating frequent maintenance.

Another huge advantage is that with this structure, SecureMe can be installed without masonry work.

We have had and still have customers who carry out the installation of SecureMe independently because this load-bearing structure does not require building skills to brick the brackets to the wall, but simply needs to be dowelled with dowels that we provide at the time of purchase

How Can Torsion of the Overhead Door be Avoided?

If you have already opened a manual overhead door, you may have noticed that if you don’t grab it from the center, it tends to rise crooked.

This phenomenon is called “torsion or warping”.

Unfortunately, this ‘defect’, even though it’s a characteristic of overhead doors, can be found in all doors on the market.

Cosa può causare la torsione su una basculante?

The problem of torsion has a series of consequences that should not be underestimated.

High torsion is synonymous with danger.

In some cases, by opening the overhead door too quickly and grabbing it from one side, the door has slipped out of the side guides and fallen to the ground!

In many cases, torsion is synonymous with high maintenance.

In fact, continuous and high torsion causes the bearings inside the side guides to work incorrectly, risking wear and needing replacement.

However, there is an innovative anti-torsion system that is present only on SecureMe and not on any other overhead door.

This device is what allows the overhead door to always remain flat and never warp during movement. With this system, we have become leaders in security overhead doors internationally.

Thanks to this innovative system, we have revolutionized the way garage doors are built and have managed to create overhead doors over 6 meters in width without endangering those who use the door.

Today, we have become the only company that produces true security overhead doors.

Our customers are those who have a private, detached house and who want to ‘fortify’ access from the garage.

With the galvanized overhead door, instead, we can also intervene in apartment buildings where there is a greater risk of seeing one’s door broken into and one’s premises emptied by unscrupulous criminals.

I have lost count of how many houses we have protected since 1990. In the course of a year, we usually manage to prevent 30 cases of attempted theft, just like last year. (data known to us).

I would like you to belong to one of these: a person who no longer has to fear seeing their house defaced by criminals and their belongings taken away just because they didn’t think to protect them.

We have devised the solution, you just have to take advantage of it and stop the best door for your garage.

If you truly want to be safe, start your selection process.

You will be supported by specialized technicians who will advise you on the right door for your home based on your needs.

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