Galvanized Overhead Door: How Robust Is It?

I accepted a challenge from the web and emerged victorious

Anyone who challenged me could only belong to this category:

Competitor who wanted to humiliate me

No overhead door will reach the level of SecureMe, the number one security overhead door in Italy.

SecureMe was born for those who care about the safety and serenity of their family.

For everything else, go to the competition, there you will find motivated sellers convinced to offer you the best overhead door at a very advantageous price!

Do you want quality?

Have them perform the warping test.Soon I will show you a video. I will show you how the warping test is done. As you will see in the photo below, I, weighing 90 kg, hang from one side of the overhead door without it warping

I’ll tell you now, DON’T do it on your door, because ONLY SecureMe DOES NOT warp!

zincata che non si svergola D.M.A.

They tried to imitate SecureMe and failed, then they tried collaborations but this path was also closed, so they tried humiliation but even here, scorched earth.

I must say, paradoxically, I am very grateful to these people because every time they “attack our production”, we strengthen ourselves, and the desire of our potential customers to choose SecureMe grows more and more.

A person who has never come into contact with the free material I publish.

Surely, if it wasn’t a competitor who challenged me, only an uninformed person could have done it.

I have been focusing on the fundamental points of SecureMe for years.

I write articles every day, for free, in which, even through testimonies and true stories, I demonstrate that SecureMe, the security overhead door, is the only one that never warps.

My goal is to help you, help you find the best solution for your home, and I want to remove any doubts from your mind about the world of garage doors.

A secure overhead door can save your life

I accept the challenge, the provocation, call it what you want, not to prove how valid my product is, but to make you understand that this system can save your life

And I’m not exaggerating!

I’ve seen too many overhead doors fall, I’ve seen too many people end up in the hospital with cuts on their foreheads because of low-quality overhead doors

Too many people have regretted spending little (even though they were aware that they were choosing an overhead door that was worthless)

Basculante economica caduta

I really think it’s time to say: enough!

Enough playing with danger, enough paying for something that leaves you anxious that an accident could happen at any moment

This is my mission; to bring safety and satisfaction to your home. The time I spend shooting videos, the money I invest in editing and production, no one gives them to me, but they are money from my own pocket and I want them to be FREE for everyone so that they can help you, your family.

I no longer want to open the newspaper in the morning and read yet another article about an accident under a gate, under an overhead door just because there are suppliers on the market who sell just to sell and they absolutely don’t care about the integrity of others.

On the other side of the coin, however, I want when you go to buy a house and find the garage door already installed, you must absolutely have in mind what you will be opening, and if you are in the construction phase, I advise you to have the overhead or sectional door removed from the specification and consider coming to me directly and choosing SecureMe, the overhead door most suitable for your needs.

I leave you to watch this short video. You will see images that, until now, no one has shown you as they were not possible.

I already anticipate that, once you reach the end of the video, you will have one more element on your side, one that will allow you to reject all those people who tell you that overhead doors are all the same.

Overhead doors are not all the same

I hope that after this video, your opinion on the quality watching and safety of SecureMe has strengthened.

Finally, you can spread what I have been trying to do for free for years: guide people towards safety.

I know that if you are still here reading, you are not uninformed, you care about the safety of your family and the serenity of each member.

If you really want to make a difference, I advise you to click here

I will reveal the secrets of SecureMe, the number one security overhead door in Italy!

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