Garage Door in Fake Wood

Do you think you’ve found the solution to the annoying maintenance problem?

Every day I receive many requests to provide fake wood doors.

To my question: “Why do you want me to provide you with a fake wood door,” do you know what the most common answer has been?
“Because I don’t want to do maintenance.”

Now the real question you must ask yourself is:

How much maintenance does fake wood really require?

The answer is in the images below

If until now, you’ve been told that fake wood doesn’t need maintenance, here’s the evidence that disproves this illusion.

These are the compelling pieces of evidence that sooner or later will cause you a sense of guilt that you won’t be able to fill unless you completely replace the entire door

You’ll think that you’ve been “conned” by that seller who sold you a fake wood door, promising you that it would never require maintenance.

After all, he did his job, maybe he wasn’t so fair to you, but the word “fake” itself should have stopped you from making such an important purchase.

Despite everything, there are still people looking for “fake wood” because they think they’ll avoid the hassle of maintaining the garage door

What you should do instead is invest your energy and money in something real!

Real wood and its craftsmanship are the elements that bring warmth to your home, not making it flat and identical to all others.

Today, houses seem to be built with the same mold

Same fake wood frames, same entrance door with a fake wood printed panel, same garage door with a fake wood panel.

We are Italians, and what has always set us apart from the rest of the world is precisely our originality.

We Italians are unique in the world for exporting the best quality, the best design, the best architecture, and that’s why we shouldn’t be influenced by those who have imported architectural elements into our country that have nothing to do with our lifestyle.

Let me explain better: In Italy, we’ve always made the best wooden frames, we never wanted to work with fake wood because it wasn’t a craftsmanship that belonged to us. Then, since this material arrived here too, some companies were convinced that an innovative material could change the Italian style.

The problem is that if we don’t stop it in time, the Italian style will be changed, but for the worse. I’ve shown you this with the photos above: a fake wood door, which has never been part of our productive style, risks undermining our “Italian style”

Fake wood is a panel that has been imported from abroad, made with promises that haven’t been kept, and now we find ourselves forced to sell it because those who invested, if they don’t sell, won’t make it to the end of the month.
a investito, se non vende, non arriva a fine mese.

Have you ever watched a news segment where actions, perhaps illicitly performed, are denied with cameras pointed at them, but when the camera is lowered and seems off, the truth comes out, the real truth?

It’s ‘normal’ that someone who’s selling a fake wood door tells you that this material is the solution for life, but if you could talk to them in confidence “with the cameras off,” you might learn details that they didn’t tell you before

In this article, I’ve presented you with a hidden reality, a reality that must remain hidden, otherwise, too many companies would fail.

I believe that honesty and professionalism eventually pay off, in fact, I guarantee you that with increasing turnover, I am living proof that a real overhead door with multilayer coating is now replacing a series of fake wood doors that after a few years had the problems I showed you in the photos above

You too can stand out from this crowd, be original, and give your home a meaning that ultimately reflects your personality.

Many people, like you, have been convinced that fake wood is better, simply because they didn’t research enough or perhaps because the magic of the low price deceived them

You can’t do any preventive maintenance on a fake wood door: that’s it.

You keep it until what you saw in the photos happens, if you’re lucky for years but if you’re a bit less lucky, after two years you start to see how unreliable this fake wood is.

One day you come home and see a bubble on your door, it intrigues you and you touch it, discovering that the film has detached from the lower support.

The phenomenon is absolutely logical, but no one will ever explain it to you because, I repeat, there are economic interests behind it.

The support sheet, with temperature variations, has expansions that are different from the upper film, and that’s why the two supports don’t get along and detach.

They sell you the product as a technological find that keeps you away from annoying maintenance.

I believe them, they’re right, because you can’t do any maintenance on it, just as you can’t do anything when you see your door in the same state as the photos above and you think you’ve wasted €3,000 thinking you made the deal of your life.

Now not only will you have an unsightly house, but anyone who sees it will think that you’re the classic person who doesn’t care about their home

Now you have two options:

  • The first is to believe in the “fake” (although I don’t know how you can do it) and choose a door with this material. The chances that your “fake” will last over time are really very low;
  • The second is to turn to real professionals, who have made their work a mission and who know how to give you the right solution based on how you’ll use your overhead door.

Fortunately, people like them don’t need to force something on you, but only a door suitable for you, one that can serve you, and only if you use it the right way.

SecureMe is the first real security overhead door that never warps.

Every cent you spend to have it, you’ll be protected by the warranty: IF IT WARPS, IT’S FREE!

Finally, you’ll have a unique home as you’ve always wanted.

Those who see your home will understand that in that house, lives a person who cares about their family, a precise person who knows how to invest their money in the right way.

You’ll be “the one with the beautiful door,” because that’s how my clients are identified in their own town or neighborhood.

When you have to sell your house, this will be your business card because it will be the door that buyers will see first, and if it’s a sought-after, designer, and sturdy door, the chances of a successful sale will be higher.

Now you’re one step away from the finish line, leaving behind those who believe in fake wood and the illusion of no maintenance.

But you still need to hear from someone who has already used SecureMe and understand their experience, only then will you be ready to sign the contract and have your true garage door

Don’t rack your brains too much in this search, I’m here to help you with this too.

A happy person is willing to stand by it when it’s really worth it, and we have our customers who did it without any objections.

They did it especially for a very specific purpose: to help people like you not make a fake investment but choose the best overhead door available on the market today

Listen to what they have to say:

Now you’ve reached the finish line, there’s still someone behind you trying to figure out which fake material to choose to spend less.

Come visit me, I’ll let you test with your own hands the best material to make your door!

In the meantime, click here and find out more


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