Garage Doors for Luxury Villas

Do you have the opportunity and the fortune to own a villa of your own?

Then you cannot afford to make a mistake with the garage door.

Nobody has ever given anything to someone like you:

  • You’ve lived a life of sacrifices;
  • You’ve taken risks;
  • You’ve been enterprising and determined.

And now you can only enjoy the fruits of your labor

Money didn’t just fly into your pocket on its own, but you planned a whole series of strategies to make sure your business took off and filled your pockets with money.

Forgive me if I speak so frankly, but this is my job!

Let me explain better: every day I have the pleasure of talking to people who are not lacking in money, and every day I learn something new that allows me to grow personally but above all professionally

I’ve learned from people like you that having money means spending a lifetime of attention, study, strategies, and technicalities that someone not at your level wouldn’t even know where to start

I don’t want to denigrate those who have little money, but I want to elevate the person who has made a lot of it, and above all, I admire the tenacity and constancy in their business.

Listening is the highest lesson one can have because only by listening can one realize something that someone out there needs

Just by listening to you, and people like you who have built empires based on business, I’ve learned that the first thing to do is to set fundamental goals to achieve.

By setting a goal, you walk down one road, the only one focused on reaching the goal

A common thing among all of you is the search for security at home.

Most of the people who contact me keep hundreds of thousands of euros worth of cars in their garage, and my task is to advise them on the best overhead door that can protect these valuables

When you have 100/200 thousand euros in gold, watches, or cash, you don’t worry too much because there are safe deposit boxes in the banks

But if you have 500/600 thousand euros worth of cars in the garage?

Who protects your Ferrari in the garage?

That’s where I come in.

My goal is precisely this:

To build a secure garage door that is also aesthetically valuable to protect your family and your money

Your villa is worth over a million, and you can’t deface it with a garage door that doesn’t harmonize in design

Even if you’re entrusting all the work to your architect, you have to think about your security.

Do you know the difference between a classic overhead door and SecureMe?

A classic overhead door is for everyone, for those who have little to protect and for those who can’t raise the spending threshold, otherwise, they won’t pay the household bills at the end of the month.

An overhead door costs you € 500/1,000 but it’s simply not what you want, it doesn’t protect your Bentley in the garage, nor does it protect your home.

SecureMe, on the other hand, is made based on what you and others like you have taught me:

  • With a steel structure and a unique system, so it never warps;
  • With a paneling worked and personalized as you want it, or your architect, to make it perfectly in harmony with the facade of your home.

You can’t welcome your friends for a brunch at your home and have them enter through a door that not even public housing has.

Your elegance and your social status are reflected in what surrounds you, and that’s why we take care of your home.

We have built garage doors for very important people in sports, in the world of entrepreneurship, always keeping the goal well focused: to make their home unique and safe

Even for you, we have the same purposes because we are the only ones that a person of your level can look for in a real garage door.

Just like we did with our dear client Aldo, in his luxurious historic residence in Brianza.


In your spending budget, spending € 9/10 thousand for a garage door, especially knowing what it will have to protect, won’t change your life.

What could change your life a lot, however, would be to have a € 1,000 door with frequent stops and breakdowns, which at the first attempt of a break-in allows strangers to enter your home and take away your most precious belongings.

Since 1990, to give you an idea of how solid SecureMe overhead doors are, we have built garage doors with electronic locks that are usually installed at bank entrances, completely inaccessible to the operator and functioning entirely automatically in sync with automation

During our career, we have built garage doors in unique specimens for unique people.

We have managed to create the luxury, secure overhead door

If until now you haven’t found what you really want, if you want to know more about SecureMe, all you have to do is click here and contact me for a consultation. You will be served and welcomed by our exceptional professional.

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