High-Quality Overhead Door: Risky to Imitate

Many manufacturers of overhead doors have tried to produce high-quality overhead doors, but very cleverly they stepped back when they saw the bloodbath approaching.

They were right, do you know why?

Producing a high-quality and reliable overhead door is a quite different ‘sport’ from producing overhead doors dedicated to those who don’t care about quality

My competitors understood this immediately; they quickly realized that this path would be very uphill and dangerous.

Not me, I underestimated it and was so ‘imbecile’ to continue on this costly and dangerous path, not realizing where I was going.

I risked seeing everything my father had built since 1990 go up in smoke

I walked blindfolded, risking falling into the abyss

However, my mission has always been to produce something as if I were doing it for my own home.

You who are reading, know what I mean: you have just built your home or have just finished renovating it, and you know very well that you started with a specification and today you realize that you haven’t been able to respect those numbers.

As you make choices, you keep telling yourself that it’s a job for you and you don’t spare expenses; after all, everything you do well now, you will find in the future.

The same thing I did for years, only I didn’t have to keep all my overhead doors for myself, but I needed people to sell them to.

Producing high-quality material means having enormous costs to anticipate both in material and production management. I was underestimating this, but I didn’t succumb to the temptations of “low quality” and continued on my way.

My goal has always been: to give the best overhead door that could be found on the market.

SecureMe, il Basculante di SicurezzaAfter years, however, there is a positive side

Today, this wrong entrepreneurial choice of mine has ensured that every day, by encountering problem after problem and solving them with large sums of money, we have earned a position that is now worth its weight in gold!

We continuously invested in equipment and above all in specialization.

We have become leaders in the security overhead door market, the only ones to produce an overhead door completely by hand, created by man but supported by modern technology.

Our production line is human; we don’t have robots producing in line. The brain is that of the people who, while working, develop better solutions on every door, so that the customer can have a unique product with all the accessories needed for efficient use.

If you expect to order your door and have it after a week, go to the competition.

We don’t waste time in two

Our employees are committed to the maximum of their strength to make a perfect door come out of our company, and the necessary processing times are dictated by the quality of the product.

Today we are growing strongly, our target customer demands:

  • A safe garage door;
  • A garage door that requires no maintenance;
  • A garage door that perfectly adapts to its intended use.

Certainly, if I had listened to the competition, today, with the experience I have, I would have dizzying sales numbers

However, all this does not correspond to my goal.

My focus has been to develop a safe, maintenance-free, and customer-adaptable garage door.

Today our production is growing strongly, we are expanding our staff, and we never stop investing in research.

I don’t deny that in the past, several times, I thought of throwing in the towel, doing as all my competitors did, marketing cheap overhead doors and having the sole goal of making numbers and nothing else.

However, my naivety ensured that today we are the most experienced manufacturers of security overhead doors, and I am proud of the level we have reached!

We have created the only overhead door

Our customers are finally proud to have an overhead door that meets their needs and has eliminated that sense of danger and fear that has always dominated thinking about the garage.

You can stay still and do nothing, but if you really care about your home and your serenity, then all you have to do is click here.


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