How to Avoid Garage Door Breakdowns

In this article, I want to give you the best tips so that your garage door can be cost-effective and never break down.

If you have a garage door, whether it’s swing-up or sectional, you know perfectly well that when it suddenly stops, panic sets in.

Every garage door needs regular maintenance to ensure that it always operates optimally.

You need to perform occasional maintenance to avoid sudden panic. Every mechanism, especially if it has electronic components, needs periodic checks.

When you need to leave in the morning to take the kids to school or when you need to go to work and it’s already very late, if your door doesn’t open, you enter a total panic.

You’re already thinking about your boss and the consequences of being late or the embarrassment of your kids being late for school.

How Can You Reduce the Probability of Garage Door Breakdown?

A reliable swing-up door isn’t reliable just because you’re concerned about having scheduled maintenance done by the manufacturer, which is still very important, but the real issue lies upstream, in the construction system and in the components that work with every movement.

For years, we’ve invested in researching innovative materials. This has allowed us to achieve the goal we’ve always set for ourselves: to offer you a safe and reliable swing-up door for your garage!

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Garage Door: What Does It Really Cost?

If you already own a swing-up door, have you ever wondered how much it really cost you?

Don’t answer by showing me the purchase invoice because I would take it as an insult.

Like all “machines,” and your door is considered a machine, it has a lifecycle with costs. This is the true cost of your door.

What are these costs?

The total cost of your swing-up door must include these items:

  1. Purchase: This is the cost on the invoice, the price you pay to the seller for supplying your door.
    Many people stop here; for them, who have spent little, the cost of the swing-up door is only this. Be careful: you’re miscalculating your expenses!
    To your purchase, you also need to add these other elements that no one clearly tells you at the time of sale:
  2. Installation: Consider how much you’ll have to pay to install your door.
    I’ve solved this problem by building the door to measure, and you won’t have to incur additional masonry expenses to install your door. My price is FINAL!
  3. Maintenance:
    These are the costs you’ll face for scheduled maintenance and for unexpected events.

How much does SecureMe, the security swing-up door, cost instead?

Our construction system has allowed us to have a much more affordable security swing-up door compared to those you find elsewhere.

Don’t stop at the first point!

It’s certain that if the cost of the swing-up door for you is what’s written on the invoice, then you haven’t analyzed the other points well.

I want to clarify each point so that you can make a clear analysis of what you’re buying, and you alone can compare it with the other thousand offers you’ve been made.

    You’ll partly decide this cost yourself. When you come to me, I’ll guide you in choosing the swing-up door that truly suits you. The structure of my security swing-up doors is the same for all those in my catalog, but together we’ll study the exact accessories that will be essential for the use you’ll make of it. A clear price, divided into each component. There’s no escape, clearer than that!
  2. INSTALLATION: Our research and development center has designed, and is still in production, a self-supporting structure. What does that mean? SecureMe doesn’t need masonry work for installation. Naturally, if you decide of your own free will to widen the opening, then we’ll calculate how much the masonry work to widen the wall may affect it. You can still do it yourself, completely independently if you have a trusted bricklayer.
  3. WE ONLY RPRODUCE IT TO MEASURE: with this production system, you won’t have to face other sudden installation costs. Everything clear, black on white with no surprises. On your part, you’ll only need to provide electricity in the case of an automatic door.
  4. This is the point that is erroneously often overlooked in most cases, despite being the simplest thing in the entire lifecycle of the door.

  5. Do you have periodic servicing done on your car? Here’s the mystery solved: do the same with your swing-up door.

Consequently, what needs to be done?

Enter into a scheduled maintenance contract!

Only in this way will you have the certainty of acting in time, avoiding additional and unnecessary expenses.

For these reasons, it’s worth doing it:

  • You’ll no longer have sudden unexpected breakdowns;
  • Your door will be much safer;
  • You’ll comply with current regulations;
  • You’ll know how to budget what your door will cost you each year;
  • You’ll significantly reduce the number of interventions;
  • You’ll reduce intervention and call-out costs;
  • You won’t have to wait too long for a replacement that could have been saved;
  • You’ll be privileged compared to customers who don’t have a maintenance contract;
  • Your door will be constantly monitored and efficient;
  • You’ll receive a discount on labor in the event of interventions outside the contract or on repairs.

Now all that’s left is for you to discover what we’ve reserved for you

Seriously consider the benefits you’ll have with a scheduled maintenance contract, how it could improve your peace of mind knowing that your swing-up garage door will always be efficient and safe.

In the medium to long term, in addition to economic gain, you’ll rid yourself of that burden that weighs on you like a millstone.

Now you know how to avoid sudden stops.

You’ll get more information by clicking here

If, instead, you want to have an offer for a personalized maintenance contract, call me directly and we’ll find the right solution for you.

Feel protected with the number one security swing-up door in Italy, SecureMe.


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