How to Choose a Garage Door

It seems like a trivial operation, but if you get it wrong, you risk jeopardizing very important factors. Especially if you’re building the house of your dreams, you can’t afford to make a mistake in choosing your garage door.

Do you know what happens when you make the wrong choice?

You risk rendering useless everything you’ve planned on paper because it’s one thing to draw your desires on a project, another is to put them into practice.

I bet that for your garage, you’ve thought:I bet that for your garage, you’ve thought:

  • It will be the space where I’ll park the car: the most expensive asset I have at home;
  • It should be convenient, connected to the house, so I won’t get wet when it rains, and I won’t have to let my kids get cold when I take them to school;
  • It should have a good opening because I’ll enter with two cars side by side or in any case, it should allow me to enter comfortably;
  • I want it to be an integrated element of the house and not an addition, so it should have a nice aesthetic.

That’s what you requested from your architect before starting the project.

Naturally, you present the project to the commission, it passes, and construction works begin.

As long as it comes to masonry works, problems arise but they are all solvable (if you’ve relied on competent people and have good site management).

The real problem arises when you have to close your garage with an overhead door.

You start asking the people who install your windows if they can also provide you with the garage door, but you don’t need just any garage door:

You need a custom-made overhead door for you, based on what you thought when you made your project.

Your window supplier, when faced with a 5/6-meter wide door that must be secure because you’ll also access the house from that door and it must have an aesthetic designed by you, can only do two things:

  1. Give up the job;
  2. Force-feed you something that won’t serve you well, or worse, will complicate your life.

If they make the first move, they’re responsible people who care about you because they know they can never give you the right solution unless they’re one of my dealers.

If, as I think might happen because I’ve seen too many end up like this, they sell you a sectional door, making you believe that, with a very low price, you’ll have the right solution.

The problem is now yours!

Yes, because the first thing you need to focus on is this:

Be careful not to make a serious mistake: buying a garage door from someone who isn’t truly specialized and professional in the field

We specialize in security overhead doors since 1990, and if you come to me asking about windows, I won’t even consider selling them to you, because I’d make you spend money and you wouldn’t be happy.

I wouldn’t be able to focus on your problem, and I wouldn’t have the necessary specialization to provide you with the best product for you.

Unfortunately, there are sellers who, after selling two garage doors, feel like “gurus” of overhead doors, but the damage they can cause you, you’ll pay heavily for.

They’ll convince you with a relatively low price, but in the end, you’ll end up with:

  • A door that requires frequent and expensive maintenance;
  • A door that has never heard of security;
  • A door with a flat, tasteless design, just like others.

You spent sleepless nights drawing your house, giving it a unique character, and now you find yourself at the point where your time has been for nothing.

Is there a solution to have a customized garage door?

Yes, and it’s called SecureMe!

SecureMe is the number one security overhead door in Italy. The only, original, inimitable security overhead door that NEVER warps.


Look at the photo with your own eyes: you have exactly what you’re looking for.

  • SecureMe has no size limits because in width, it can go up to 6.3 meters for a height of 5.6 meters.
  • It’s built with the only anti-torsion system that prevents the door from warping!
  • You can customize it as you wish and have it with the breathtaking design you’ve always desired.

Of course, if you want all this, you can’t expect to spend €5,000, but what’s really important for you is:

To spend money and not be satisfied with what you’re paying for, or to have a fair exchange between your money and the door you’re going to buy?

What you need to do is not to jeopardize your home and your family.

Making this investment mistake would mean:

  • Taking away important money from the family asset;
  • Putting every member of your family at risk every time they use the overhead door;
  • Not guaranteeing the right security to your home.

For this reason, before relying on someone who can’t help you, ask for personalized advice from one of our technicians.

If you come to our company, the consultation is completely free, and you won’t have the doubt of making a mistake in the planning phase.

Contact us at 011.9338348 or via email at

And in the meantime, start entering the world of secure overhead doors by clicking here


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