Increase the value of your property

Who doesn’t know the famous saying, ‘even the eye wants its part’?

According to the Treccani Encyclopedia, this expression indicates that one should never neglect the aesthetic aspect of any realization because aesthetics could significantly influence the overall evaluation of the work done.

You got it right, what many tend to underestimate can have a significant impact.

But to be clearer, let’s do this experiment.

Answer me honestly: is it true that you are reading this article because you were attracted by the beauty of those wonderful colorful houses and then, intrigued, you clicked?

Bhe, you are not alone!

But now let’s dwell on it further. If I, as the highlighted image, had chosen a photo with dilapidated houses and dark colors, I’m sure that few would have opened this blog article.

Instead, your admiration for good taste, curiosity, captured by the wonderful houses of Burano, an island located in Venice, allows you to continue reading.

This is precisely the power of FASCINATION!

But now let’s analyze this phenomenon that, as I mentioned earlier, many mistakenly tend to underestimate.

Do we want to talk about what feelings you experienced when you saw that photo?


That sense of majesty, of amazement, that desire to see those houses with your own eyes. You immediately perceived a serene, happy atmosphere. In your eyes, Burano appears as a well-kept city, rich in initiatives, full of tourism, attentive to detail.

Did I guess right?

It’s normal to feel this kind of sensation when admiring something with a certain charm.

But now you’re probably wondering: what does all this have to do with you, who are producers of secure overhead doors?

You’re right, but here’s the thing: since 1990, we have placed your security first, and in fact, for this very reason, within DiMa s.r.l., SecureMe was born: the number 1 SECURITY overhead door in Italy!

However, you see, security undoubtedly remains our main objective but alongside your true satisfaction.

When does satisfaction become a reality?
When you invest your money:

  • in an efficient product;
  • in a product that reflects the characteristics so praised by the seller;
  • in a product easy to use;
  • in a product pleasing to the eye;
  • in a product capable of further enhancing what you already had before.

I want to tell you an anecdote experienced firsthand.


What you see is Berto’s farmhouse. Berto has been our customer for several years now, and he chose security.

One day he decides to renovate his farmhouse because it was considered useless to keep it in those conditions. So, he starts to renovate starting from the garden, then the roof, to then give it this wonderful Blue color which, combined with the restoration of the fixtures, was able to give that added value

DMA Ristrutturazione 2 1100x700

Do i wrong if i say that now, the Berto’s farmhouse has really another aspect

But Berto wasn’t yet satisfied with how everything had turned out, so one day he calls me and sends me the two photos, telling me that he wanted to make it as efficient as possible

He spends sleepless nights, then after a few days, he calls me again and says: I have an idea: I’ll divide the whole structure into two parts. One part would function as a garage for two cars, while the other would become a real, livable tavern.

I must say that the functional aspect was surpassed because he wouldn’t have been able to make the best use of the structure.

In renovating it, the need arose to create a safe, efficient, and beautiful door that would allow access to the garages.

We felt we should help Berto, so we started with the door to access the car parking area.


Once the door was installed, Berto told me, ‘Andrea, I hadn’t thought of this before, but every time someone comes over, I can’t open the garage door. I need something else.’

As I mentioned earlier, one of our main goals is your satisfaction. We found the solution for him: we made 2 access doors to facilitate entry and exit on foot.


What was once a poorly kept farmhouse is now a structure worthy of being inhabited to welcome people


Its value, from just a few hundred euros, has risen to thousands of euros, not only for having made the most of the space but also for having given it a unique and different aesthetic from all the other garages in the area where Berto lives.

Harmony and beauty in a property


If we talk about what can influence the value of a property, we cannot fail to mention aesthetics.

In addition to size and various technical characteristics, indeed, design also has a significant relevance, especially regarding residences, commercial premises, and other environments destined to be ‘lived’ beyond their purely functional aspect

In light of this, the presence of captivating decorative elements and anything else that can embellish the appearance of the property cannot but be positive, and why not, starting from the installation of the garage door.

When it comes to buying a house, yes, the functional aspect is considered, but what immediately strikes you is the aesthetics.

You must always keep in mind that the more beautiful your house is, the higher its value will be.

And to increase this value, there’s SecureMe:

  • a secure, sturdy, and resistant door;
  • a beautiful door capable of enhancing any part of the house;
  • a door that is easy and convenient to use;
  • a door that requires no extraordinary maintenance;
  • a door that does not warp;
  • a custom-made door;
  • a unique door on the market.
  • DMA-Porta-basculante-sicurezza-con-portina-laccata-PNG

Do you know why it’s unique on the market?

Because SecureMe is not like the others; it doesn’t have aesthetics of any fake material that seems to be fashionable today and creates houses all with the same mold. Fake and flat.

Where can you find SecureMe?

You can find such a door, with these features, only in Trana at 7- Str. Borgognone – 10090 (TO).

But if you’re not yet convinced, you can download a very interesting book for FREE that could help you choose your door. Click here

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