LED Lighting: Why Choose It?

Are you tired of constantly spending money on repainting at the body shop just because of poor visibility during garage parking?

Don’t worry, because finally, the time has come to invest that money in another way.

Cars and Scratched Uprights at the Same Height?

During most of my inspections, I often see the back of the customer’s car scratched at the same height as the uprights of the door.

At the time of purchase, most of my clients choose SecureMe, the number 1 security overhead door in Italy, already equipped with automation (automation on our overhead doors can also be applied later since it is already predisposed)


Without a doubt, having a motorized door is a convenience and an added security: once you arrive with the car in front of the garage, equipped with remote control in hand, you open, park, and go inside the house.

But now I bet you’re wondering, “what does all this talk have to do with LED lighting?”

I’ll tell you right away, but first, I need you to answer this question: among all those who have a motorized garage door, who would think of pressing the button on the remote control, wait for the door to open, get out of the car, turn on the garage light, go back to the car, and then proceed with the maneuver?

No one, right?

You decide to automate the garage door and not get out of the car to open and close it, and then instead have to get out to turn on the light?

Wouldn’t that be a contradiction, don’t you think?

Consequently, therefore, not turning on the light, at night, in the dark, where visibility is poor, entering in reverse in the garage, you may “miscalculate the measurements” and scratch the car against the side uprights.

For this reason, considering the numerous cases of accidents, we have found the SOLUTION to this problem!

The Solution to Avoid Scratching the Car on the Garage Door

We have created a new accessory to be installed on SecureMe, the number one security overhead door in Italy. An accessory that can no longer be missing on your door.

LED Lighting for Overhead Doors

Can’t believe it, right? From today, you have the opportunity to apply LED lighting around the entire perimeter of your door.

As soon as you give the command to the overhead door to open using the appropriate remote control, it will automatically seem like daylight.

DMA-Porta-con-ledWhat Do You Solve with LED Lighting?

The application of LEDs along the entire perimeter of the door ensures excellent visibility because the uprights will be well illuminated and therefore clearly visible even in reverse, where visibility is always somewhat reduced.

I would say that a diligent person, attentive to care, respectful of their money like you, cannot afford to damage neither their car nor their garage door, both the result of a lifetime of sacrifices.

If you are fortunate enough to have a prestigious car or home, I congratulate you because unlike what some may think, I am convinced that no one has ever given you anything, indeed I am convinced that everything you have, you have earned through hard work.

And since I care about your money and I don’t want you to spend it unnecessarily, I tell you that it is time to prevent, before it’s too late.

However, I want to tell you how the idea of creating this accessory came about.

Fulvio has been a dear customer of mine since 2006. In September 2019, he called me to tell me that he wanted to surprise his daughter for Christmas as she would renovate her house and consequently also the garage.

Fulvio tells me that for his daughter he wants a secure, fascinating, beautiful, and efficient door just like his. To make a long story short, at the end of November, we installed SecureMe, the security overhead door just as he had asked us.


A few months later, he calls us desperate because every time his daughter returned home, unintentionally, in the dark, at night, she scratched both the door post and the back of her car.

Of course, I was sorry, but I told him that we would find a solution.

Despite my reassurance, I still didn’t understand why he was so desperate.

Only after he told me the cost they had shot for painting the car, did I understand: €4,000!

At that moment I realized that I had to find a solution as soon as possible, I couldn’t make them spend all that money just because of poor visibility. Also because the problem would have repeated itself other times. And so, the idea of LED lighting to be applied along the perimeter was born.

Since Fulvio’s daughter chose LED lighting, she is finally calm and does not fear scratching the door post with her car in reverse.

Remember that SecureMe is the number 1 security overhead door in Italy, which being built with very high-quality materials make it:

  • A secure, sturdy and resistant door;
  • A door that does not yield to any type of burglary;
  • A door equipped with a armored plate that allows the latch to be recessed and therefore this excludes any kind of tampering;
  • A door that does not require extraordinary maintenance;
  • A safe and beautiful-lookingdoor capable of enhancing your home.

Another aspect that someone mistakenly underestimates is DESIGN.

By installing SecureMe with LED lighting, you will make your home a jewel!


Your home will acquire greater value and in case one day it should be for sale, its value will be decidedly higher.

You should know that when it is said “the eye also wants its part” it is pure truth.

Visual impact has great relevance, especially today, but as I said before, someone erroneously tends to underestimate this aspect. And do you know why I say erroneously? Well, because you need to know that in real estate negotiations, aesthetics contributes a substantial percentage to the purchase. In most cases, the more beautiful a property is, the more likely it is to be purchased.

Not bad, I would say, and that’s why I invite you to give the right weight to things and not to underestimate them.

Starting right from the choice of SecureMe. Thanks to the very high quality and very high design, your home will shine on its own.

Which, by installing such a prestigious door, a luxury, on the facade of your home, is already a wonderful calling card for all those who come to visit you. Already from the outside of your home, people will understand what kind of person you are.

By applying LED lighting to your security overhead door, you will make your home safer and more beautiful.


Do not forget, however, to give the right weight to things, remember that SecureMe, in addition to being beautiful:

If you have not yet purchased SecureMe, I advise you to hurry because you have finally found the door that suits you.

Where can you find SecureMe: the number 1 security overhead door in Italy?

Only in 7, Str. Borgognone – Borgata MorandaTrana 10090 (TO) at DiMa srl

Make an appointment by calling ☎️ 011/9338348 or writing to 📧 info@dmporte.com

SecureMe is waiting for only you!

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