Motorized Overhead Garage Door: Advantages and Disadvantages

Have you ever wondered what the advantages and disadvantages of having a motorized overhead door are?

More and more people ask me to provide them with a motorized overhead door.

To the question “why do you want to install a motorized door?” the most common answer is: for convenience. Surely if I had asked you the same question, you would have answered the same.

Indeed, I don’t blame you, but the analysis involves other factors for which you should choose an automated overhead door.

What are the advantages of an automated overhead door?

Let’s see, actually, what are the 3 advantages that should make you choose a motorized overhead door over a manual one.

Before we start, a small premise: SecureMe, the number one security overhead door in Italy, was originally manual.

And despite its over 100 kg weight, if you leave the door manual, your back will thank you all the same as its manual use is extremely simple

Beyond the ease and lightness of SecureMe, the advantages that I will reveal to you shortly will further simplify your life and take away fears and anxieties that could arise if you had a manual overhead door

3 Advantages of a Motorized Overhead Door

  1. Convenience

As we said 1, this is undoubtedly the main one. What your brain automatically perceives as convenience=more comfortable life

Imagine your typical day: you wake up at the last minute, dress elegantly to go to the office, go to the garage, open your door, and outside there’s a torrential downpour!

If you leave that garage, you have to consider that you’ll have to rush out of your car to close the overhead door, and surely you’ll get soaked from head to toe, your appearance won’t be so professional anymore, and your day will be ruined!

The same goes for a snowy day, the risk of slipping and breaking a leg is just around the corner.

Now imagine the line of your parallel life, the one where you have your automated overhead door.

In the morning, you get in your car, remote control in hand, a simple click and when the overhead door opens, what’s outside is no longer your problem.

If it rains, you won’t get wet, and if it snows, your bones will thank you!

  1. Unforeseen Events

Just a few weeks ago, a customer called me, to whom we installed the overhead door in 1997.

His 5-meter overhead door is so light and easy to open that he never thought of automating it despite its large size and despite being already predisposed to a possible automation.

Gianni left his car in a parking lot and someone thought it would be a good idea to force it open and steal his house keys.

Panic seized him, imagine yourself in his situation for a moment; someone stole your house keys and your car registration papers.

They know exactly who you are, where you live, and they have the keys to enter your house!

Gianni’s luck was that the theft happened on a Monday, and he had the chance to call me to have the locks of the overhead door changed.

You can imagine the cost Gianni had to bear for replacing the locks, but the thought that this incident could have happened on a Saturday, during the summer holidays, or at any time of the year when my availability and that of the suppliers is lower, sent Gianni and those who live in that house into an unbearable anxious state.

Do you know what would have happened if Gianni had had an automated overhead door?

I would have immediately disconnected the power to the overhead door so that no one, even with the remote control in hand, could open the door.

The second thing I would have done is intervene to recode the remote control codes.

The cost for Gianni would have been much lower, and there would have been no risk of someone breaking into his house.

  1. Security

I read a post on Facebook a few months ago telling the story of a woman who, as she got out of her garage with her car, while she was getting out to close the manual overhead door, a stranger pushed her into the house to rob her.

A few days later, an acquaintance of mine, getting out of the car to close the garage gate, witnessed the theft of his car.

These are the most frequent incidents that happen every day and I, being in the profession, see them more and more often.

Now think about how your life could change by having an automated overhead door: you get in your car in the garage, open the gate, get out of the garage, and close it with your remote control.

You are absolutely safe; you will no longer fear that something unpleasant might happen to you because at this point, you control the situation from your car.

You will finally be calm when your child returns home in the evening, and the anxiety that a loved one might be attacked will no longer be a part of you.

If that acquaintance of mine had had the automated overhead door, he would still have his nice car today!

Unfortunately, statistics show that we Italians don’t really like prevention, but we only act when we suffer a hard blow.

Think about anti-theft systems, for example, most of the time they are installed ONLY after a theft, rarely (or never) beforehand as prevention!

Of course, don’t blame yourself if, reading this article, you feel like one of those people who have a manual garage door, the fault is not yours but of those who advised you poorly.

I have been trying for years to spread awareness of the major problem that 80% of homes have: security from the garage.

Everyone thinks: it’s just a garage!

Only in the 1980s, I could have agreed with you because the garage was just a garage, but today from your garage, you also enter your house!

Try to think about why when you plan security for your home, you think about installing a good armored entrance door, window grilles, and don’t think that through the garage, thanks to that worthless door, they can get into your house in just a few minutes and harm you?

Secure your garage and protect your family

SecureMe was born precisely for this: to make your life easier and safer.

If you’re smart, you’ll take advantage of it; otherwise, you’ll continue to justify yourself by invoking bad luck!

But the real misfortune is thinking that things always happen to others and never to you.

I am available to evaluate your specific situation, to advise you on the type of door that best suits your home; you, on the other hand, can take a step towards the well-being of your family by clicking here

Only then will you receive all the secrets of SecureMe, you will know which overhead door suits your specific needs, and you will reduce the risk of your loved ones experiencing situations like the ones I just told you about.

The choice is yours!

Remember that SecureMe is the only security overhead door that never warps

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