Overhead Garage Doors: The Best Available Materials

The finish traditionally proposed as the base finish in the garage door sector is, without a doubt, galvanized sheet metal, followed by faux wood and finally wood.

We, as a company, have completely eliminated solid wood from our proposals.


Because it is not primarily a high-quality product and then it does not represent the spirit of our goal: to provide you with the best door by reducing maintenance costs to zero.

Our production focuses on high-quality products, starting from raw materials, components, to the coating. Over the years, we have chosen not to offer solid wood but to invest time and money in researching better uses of other materials

Continuous research, market study, and therefore the study of customer needs, have led to the selection of a series of exclusive materials and finishes

Within this carefully selected range of materials, there is a scale. On it, we focus our production: we consider the base material, namely galvanized sheet metal, then move on to pre-painted insulated situations, and finally reach the top, marine plywood

But let’s take a closer look at each group:

Galvanized Garage Doors

The range of overhead doors, in galvanized sheet metal, consists of elements drawn directly by us in the company. From the office, the development is transmitted to the workshop, and then there is subsequently the assembly of the elements to then reach the final realization

The thickness used, unlike all the overhead doors currently on the market, is 10/10

It may seem little, but those in the sector immediately understand the high thickness of this sheet metal. I’ll just tell you that such a thickness is used in the sheet metal of armored doors


It may seem little, but those in the sector immediately understand the high thickness of this sheet metal. I’ll just tell you that such a thickness is used in the sheet metal of armored doors


Insulated Pre-painted Garage Doors

Probably, it is the material that most people know and may have already seen installed on sectional doors.

These panels are composed of a double sheet metal (an internal and an external one) with insulating material inside

We, as a company, only use panels with a thickness of 4 cm with the sheet metal thickness of 8/10

This means that, unlike all the other panels, SecureMe is built with a more robust material and with less risk of yielding to external burglary attempts

The color of the paneling is the same as that available for galvanized overhead doors.

The surface is very light with a slat spacing of about 3 cm.


Wood Line

One of the oldest building materials but revised in a SecureMe key.

In the company, thanks to the professionalism of our technicians and thanks to the use of high-level equipment, we guarantee you, the customer, 100% customization. Customization intended as coloring but above all from the point of view of engravings. If you want to create your dream door, just bring me a drawing, a sketch, and we’ll make the door as you want!

What is the advantage of having a marine plywood panel compared to solid wood?

Look at the photo below. What you see is a marine plywood panel


Its specific composition in layers with crossed grain means that the panel never splits, in fact, compared to the very common solid or strip panel, the plywood, thanks to its layers assembled in this way, has no movements

This is a great advantage also for painting because if the external surface does not move, the paint does not crack, and the wood does not absorb moisture

Garage Doors: Inserts

This line of accessories makes your overhead door unique, different from others, so much so that your home will acquire an aesthetic value to envy those who come to visit you

Wood and Stone

A natural fusion of the two oldest materials that nature offers us and which, placed in the right place and worked only as our team knows how to do, give life to a unique and luxurious door



Symbol of luxury, splendor, and wealth, this is also the representation that brasses give to the overhead doors we offer you.

Brass pyramids, shiny plates, and armored security plates complete what is the refined design you have always hoped for your home


Our company has gone beyond the generic finishing options of overhead doors on the market, exploring the use of materials never used before in the same way.

This is innovation and emotion… but above all, quality!

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