Reinforced Lock for Overhead Door

Not all overhead door locks are the same: discover how to reinforce your garage overhead door with minimal expense.

What you are about to read has never been proposed to you by anyone else. Pay close attention because it could change your lifestyle.

Giuseppe’s Story

Giuseppe has always been a hard worker, always dedicating part of his time to his business.

Beyond his work commitment, Giuseppe has always fought for what is right, for the good. He has always had a caring eye for those in need of help.

Perhaps this is precisely why Giuseppe has been targeted by hoodlums, vandals, and bullies in his condominium.

When Giuseppe and I met, he said the following:

“I’ve read your materials on your blog, and I believe you are the only person who can truly help me solve my problem.”

After reading my blog, Giuseppe realized that with us, he wouldn’t find someone with the sole purpose of selling him something but would encounter a genuine method, tested since 1990, to ensure his garage was secure and met his needs.

In this regard, I want to emphasize, as I always have, that sometimes buying a certified Class 3 or 4 armored door makes no sense if our problem remains unresolved.

Perhaps this is why, over the years, instead of focusing on producing identical overhead doors, I have focused on understanding what people’s real problems are, on which points to concentrate so that the problem transforms from a source of anxiety and fear into a state of serenity and satisfaction.

I have realized that it is not necessary to produce and propose a standard because the problems are not all the same; they are not all standard.

SecureMe was born to be different; it is the only overhead door that, when applied and designed correctly, can transform a major problem into serenity!

On the contrary, I tell you that SecureMe is not for everyone; it is not for those who choose the shortest, easiest path to a solution, knowing that they will never reach a solution anyway

Aggressions Against Giuseppe

But let’s get back to Giuseppe

This customer had a major problem; over the years, no one had ever forced his overhead door to enter and steal what was inside, but he had a series of aggressions that made the door and his garage unusable

During our first meeting, he told me that one of the most frequent episodes he had experienced was that of a nail in the lock.This aggression is used by kids who want to terrorize a person and involves sticking a nail or a toothpick in the keyhole where the keys go

Once this act of vandalism is suffered, the door cannot be opened anymore, and the intervention of a locksmith is required to open and change the lock.

These are unnecessary costs that can be avoided if the person in front of you is able, has the means and experience to study the solution and apply the right method to avoid such intimidations.

Garage Door: How to Protect the External Lock?

DMA Placca blindata

We have developed a special protection that must be applied to our locks and uses transponder technology.

If you know me, you already know that SecureMe comes with a security lock and a bolt with an external manganese protection so as not to suffer aggressions from ill-intentioned individuals.

This accessory, unlike the usual external defender, does not allow any approach to the bolt.

A complete manganese plate and a series of protrusions that block the sliding and access to the bolt

As soon as Giuseppe told me what had happened, I told him to relax, to leave all his anxieties behind because from today this problem would no longer be part of his daily life.

Thanks to this device, Giuseppe’s problem was solved, and in the meantime, the costs were more than contained.

If I hadn’t applied the method that we apply in the company every day, Giuseppe might have changed his garage door, spending 8-9000 euros, but his problem would not have been solved.

Do you want to know how much he spent to change his overhead door and have a definitive solution?

A little over € 4,000

Now there will be some readers who will say:

“For me, € 4,000 is four months’ salary.”

You’re right; in fact, you are not obliged to take the right path and pay only 4,000€.

You can choose to take the highway or the scenic route: you pay for the highway, but you have benefits like speed, saving time, spending less on diesel, which you don’t have with the scenic route.

You are convinced that you are spending nothing by taking the scenic route, but when you arrive at your destination and calculate the time wasted, the money spent on diesel, maintenance, etc., you will realize that you have spent more.

The same thing happened to Giuseppe; he thought he was saving money when he installed his cheap overhead door, but in the end, drawing a line of accounts, over the years, he spent 40% more than what he spent now to install SecureMe, with the difference that today he found the definitive solution to his problems.

If you are a person convinced that by taking the scenic route, you save money, then I advise you to leave the blog because the method I have designed and implemented over all these years is not for you.

If instead, you are in the same situation as Giuseppe or you have problems with your garage access, then what you need to do is click here.

Take the highway to the solution, and remember that SecureMe is the only security overhead door that adds value to your home.

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