Safety Swing-Up Doors: Why They’re Not All the Same

One of my clients purchased SecureMe in 2009. One day, he called me in a panic, asking me to intervene as soon as possible because something very serious had happened.

I remember this context very well because when he requested a quote, he specifically said to me:

“I’ve looked around a lot, but you are the only ones who have a sturdy door, and I want my belongings and my children to be safe when they are at home.”

On the other hand, his neighbor said to me:

“I asked for other quotes, and you are the most expensive.”

I went to the site, and my client told me that a gang of criminals had tried to break in.

I checked the lock, and indeed, the lock had been forced.

Let me digress for a moment

The locks installed on our safety swing-up doors, when forced, break and remain closed! They can’t be opened even with keys!

I reassured him and told him that there were no problems; we would replace the lock, and the door would be as efficient as before.

Right after, he pointed out his neighbor’s door: it had a 30 cm-wide tear in the sheet metal towards the lock.

He told me that while they were having dinner, they saw two strangers appear behind them and threatened to harm them if they didn’t hand over the valuables they had in the house.

Here’s one of the consequences that can happen when you buy a cheap swing-up door.

When you built your house, you spent a lot of money to reinforce all the windows and the front door.

I remember that whoever supervised the work, when I came to give you the quote, suggested:

“All garage doors are the same, so choose the cheapest one. They just want to rip you off.”

Now you’ve paid a high price for that price, but it could have cost you much more.

You overlooked the fact that no one would ever enter through the garage door and why you believed someone who told you that secure garage doors don’t exist but are all the same.

This should not happen to you or to people like you who “believe” that having a secure garage door is impossible.

For this reason, we decided to create SecureMe, the only garage door that protects you.

Now you know that there is a solution, and you don’t have to think twice because the protection of your family also depends on you.

See you at the next tip…

Open your mind to our doors, keep your desires safe with SecureMe!

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