SecureMe in the Time of Covid-19

These are difficult times that our country is going through

The numbers of people testing positive for Covid-19, or more commonly known as “Coronavirus,” are increasing exponentially.

The country is on its knees, healthcare is on its knees. Exactly on Wednesday, March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declares Coronavirus a pandemic!

The entire country is in quarantine. Movement is allowed only for:

  • Proven work needs (all companies closed except supermarkets, pharmacies, para-pharmacies, and disinfectant manufacturers);
  • Situations of necessity (supplying essential goods);
  • Health reasons.

These measures adopted by the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, are aimed at stopping the spread of infections.

Italy, based on the numbers, has become the first country for infections surpassing China: as of today, as can be seen on the Ministry of Health portal, Italy has 6,820 deaths and 54,030 positives.

We are in difficulty: healthcare does not have enough staff, hospital beds are scarce, even facilities are scarce, economically there is a very high drop in the stock market, in the spread.

It is precisely now that the sense of national unity must strengthen, only together can we face this pandemic.

There have been flash mobs to thank the law enforcement, to thank all the medical personnel working 24/7 risking their lives, to thank all those people working in supermarkets, in transportation.

This quarantine, however, even though it has brought us to our knees, has rediscovered many values that, over time, due to hectic rhythms, had been lost: from cooking, to relaxation, to cleanliness, to leisure time with our children.

And much more, but above all among the many percentages that unfortunately rise, there is one that decreases: THEFTS.

Yes, indeed, because Covid-19 also scares crime. “Crimes down by 1/3, very few thefts and robberies” You’ll say, finally they give us a break. Yes, you’re right but this personally worries me.

The percentage of reduced thefts worries

Yes, because as they say “the calm before the storm”?

As I was telling you before, we are also entering a sort of “financial crisis” especially regarding entrepreneurs and after a crisis, it is known that anyone to rise again, tries the impossible.

This is to tell you that thieves, paradoxically now are also in “crisis” and as soon as this quarantine is over, they may unleash themselves

So, to make them unleash anyway but with a negative result, I have the solution for you: SecureMe.

SecureMe, the number 1 security overhead door in Italy is:

  • A secure, sturdy and resistant door;
  • A door that does not yield to any type of burglary;
  • A door equipped with an armored plate that allows the latch to be recessed and thus excludes any type of tampering;
  • DMA Placca blindata
  • A door that is safe and good-looking capable of enhancing your home;
  • porta-basculante-garage-legno-sicurezza-secureme
  • A door that does not require extraordinary maintenance and thanks to the high quality that distinguishes it from others, does not warp!
  • zincata che non si svergola D.M.A.

I am convinced that a door like this, for you who are attentive to the safety of your family and your home, is just what you need.

Finally, you can leave the house serene, carefree because SecureMe protects your belongings, your family, your home.

Move forward before it’s too late, call 011/933 8348 or write to and request a quote for your door!

In the meantime, I recommend downloading the free catalog of SecureMe

Today you have all the time to think about what are the NECESSARY expenses to make.

Read and act. Only in this way will you protect your home and your family.

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