SecureMe never stopped

After these difficult months of lockdown, on the famous ‘Monday, May 4, 2020,’ we reopened our factories

Of course, as you already know, we didn’t return exactly to the normality of before, but it’s still a huge step forward.

And since now is the time to not let our guard down, to protect Your health and our health, we ask you to follow simple precautions:

  • Visit our sales points only if strictly necessary EXCLUSIVELY by appointment by calling ☎️ 011/933.83.48 or writing to 📧;
  • MANDATORILY wear a mask;
  • Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter between individuals;
  • Wash your hands frequently with alcohol-based disinfectants or with soap and water.


Remember… Your prudence is everyone’s safety.

SecureMe, the number 1 security overhead door in Italy, however, doesn’t stop even in the face of a virus. Even during the lockdown period, when everything seemed lost, SecureMe was a war machine. We worked tirelessly for you, to guarantee you security and protection.

Your security, the security of your home, your family are important to us.


Since 1990, we’ve been bringing security into your home because you HAVE THE RIGHT to be safe in your home.

With SecureMe, finally, you can sleep soundly, leave home carefree, go for a nice weekend away from home, or a vacation with your family calmly because SecureMe is at home.

I remind you that SecureMe, the number 1 security overhead door in Italy, is:


  • A safe, sturdy, and durable door;
  • A door that can enhance every aspect of your home;
  • A door that does not require any extraordinary maintenance;
  • A door that resists break-in attempts;
  • A door made with the highest quality materials;
  • A door custom-made to your needs;
  • A door with top-notch design;
  • A door unique in its kind;
  • A door that does not warp, even when opened from one side.

Don’t believe it?

Before giving you the demonstration that SecureMe is the only overhead door that doesn’t warp, let me clarify: by warping, the Treccani Encyclopedia means ‘Lateral deflection of an elongated structure, stressed along its plane of symmetry.’

I don’t know if it’s ever happened to you, but if you’ve lifted an overhead door from one side and not from the center, you’ll have noticed its instability.

Yes, because you should know that on garage doors, those built with lightweight, low-quality materials, a wrong movement could be compromising for your safety and the safety of those who use it.

On SecureMe, however, this doesn’t happen because it’s made with high-quality materials that make it safe, sturdy, and resistant.

Let me demonstrate it to you!


Did you see that it’s possible?

The most skeptical will say: ‘yes, thanks, you did it on a sturdy wooden door.’

It’s fair to think so, but don’t worry because I’ve also thought about this, look…


So, you still don’t believe it?

No tricks, no deception, only HIGH QUALITY and TRUE SECURITY!

SecureMe, as I mentioned, is unique in its kind precisely for this reason. You won’t find doors like this on the market. You can only find it in 📍 Trana at Via Borgognone 7 – 10090 (TO)

Or at our official retailers!

Come and discover SecureMe, you’ll find one of our experts who will guide you in choosing the best door for your garage!

I remind you to adopt the right measures to avoid increasing the number of infections.



  • Visit our stores only if strictly necessary and EXCLUSIVELY by appointment by calling ☎️ 011/933.83.48 or emailing 📧;
  • Wear a mask MANDATORILY;
  • Maintain a social distance of at least 1 meter;
  • Wash your hands frequently with alcohol-based disinfectants or with soap and water.
  • See you soon!

In the meantime, discover much more about the number 1 security overhead door in Italy, click here!

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