SecureMe, the only overhead door capable of reducing maintenance costs by 100% compared to other garage doors.

In 2004, we began our journey by designing the first prototypes of SecureMe, with the clear idea of ​​revolutionizing the world of overhead doors.

We wanted to create an overhead door that could finally free people from fixed maintenance costs, to achieve greater earnings to reinvest.

To tell the truth, the actual project started many years earlier, back in 1990, when we were creating the first prototypes of maintenance-free overhead doors.

At that time, it wasn’t called SecureMe yet.

Obviously, I’m talking about overhead doors that, at the time, had nothing to do with today’s security overhead door.

What was the goal of a maintenance-free overhead door?

As I was saying, we had very clear ideas:

  1. Help people save money;
  2. Protect people when using their overhead door.

Indeed, the big problem that plagues people who use garage doors (I am referring at least to overhead and sectional doors) is precisely the continuous and incessant waste of money that weighs on the family budget.

The enemies that kill your savings

Imagine going grocery shopping and getting to the checkout, only to find a very high and unexpected bill to pay.

Inside, you find items that you bought, but you didn’t expect the final bill to be so high.

Buy this, buy that, you keep putting many things in the cart that are actually unnecessary, and if you eliminate them, you could really save a lot of money.

Bad, isn’t it?

You go grocery shopping to spend 100 euros and you end up at the checkout with a receipt for €300.

Yet you thought you would spend much less!

Waste, misinformation, and wrong tools are like the unnecessary things you buy every time you go grocery shopping.

Below are the most famous and formidable enemies to face for a person using a garage door.

  1. Incorrect construction measures that lead people to scratch their car every time they enter the garage;
  2. Extraordinary maintenance costs that, year after year, are increasingly higher and make it impossible to use your garage door calmly;
  3. Specialized staff, increasingly difficult to find and with an ever higher hourly cost;

I assure you that these are just some of the Fixed Costs and problems to deal with that, day after day, eat up all your savings.

It’s not that you shouldn’t have them, of course not, but you need to understand how to optimize them.

If you don’t manage them to the fullest, it’s very likely that they will really raid you.

So what do you need to do to have greater savings?

You absolutely need a strategy and a Method to help you change course, so as not to reach the point of collision.

A Method that helps you identify all these wastes and at the same time offers you the necessary tools to take remedial action.

Certainly, you need a starting Method to which you add the correct technology.

The basic Method I use for managing the best choice of garage door is definitely the SecureMe Method.

We personally developed this system, through years of study and direct field experience, correcting the critical points of overhead doors.

But is the Method alone enough?

I don’t think so, otherwise, you’re left with nothing.

To this Method, you need to add a tool that gives you the opportunity to have:

  • More security
  • More earnings

All while keeping fixed costs low. Does it seem like pure fantasy? No, it’s not.

SecureMe is the number one security overhead door in Italy that allows you to save 100% of maintenance costs compared to other garage doors.

Now, I’m linking back to the beginning of the article, where I explained that since the 1990s I started designing an overhead door that would help people reduce fixed costs.

A single thought and goal that for years has guided our Mission to create a new Technology, 2 times safer, to allow savings 3 times greater.

Thus was born the project to create the First Maintenance-Free Security Overhead Door

You can find it here ==> SecureMe, the first and only security overhead door.

An overhead door capable of incorporating both security concepts and maintenance savings concepts into a single system, without increasing initial costs and dimensions.

Today, this overhead door has finally become a reality, and thousands of people are already taking advantage of this new technology and reaping enormous benefits:

  1. 100% of the expense is the ROI (Return on Investment) you will get by eliminating extraordinary maintenance by installing this new technology at home;
  2. 100% more visibility that your home will get after installing SecureMe;
  3. 30% more chance of selling your home faster, especially if the overhead door is on the main facade of your home.

Thanks to the anti-torsion system, I have come to the conclusion that it is the perfect system you can have at home and save more.

A breath of fresh air for everyone.

“100% more” is not a random number, but a result dictated by a series of tests and studies done together with many of our clients.

Clients who understood the potential of the system I was proposing and who were truly fascinated and excited by the results they obtained.

“Yes, okay, Andrea. But where can I find all this goodness?”

Fair question.

Even if I were you, at this point, I would be curious to know more and to

  • Understand where these data come from;
  • Personally know who the customers are who have already started adopting this Method.

For this reason, I have decided to collect the testimonies of those who are using our overhead door and make them available to you, to truly understand how important it is to defend against waste and make the best choice.

You can find these true stories by clicking here

Are you ready to have a 100% return on the cost of your overhead door?

Then I’ll wait for you at the company to give you all the information you need and finally, besides protecting your family from every danger, you can say you made a real investment.

If you want to deepen our SecureMe method, I have great news for you, because you can request direct consultation from one of our TECHNICAL TUTORS.

A consultation of this kind for a couple of hours is valued in the market at 250 Euros, but for you, it could be complimentary.

Contact our offices by calling 011.933.8348 or via email at

In the meantime, click here and enter the world of secure overhead doors.

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