SecureMe: the security overhead door you’ve never had

Are you looking around to figure out the best way to secure your family and your home?

Congratulations, stop searching!

  • If you feel exhausted, confused, and indecisive;
  • If you feel like you can’t go on like this anymore;
  • If you’re tired of worrying every time you leave home.

…then SecureMe is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

Discover how to make your home, your family, and the belongings you’ve purchased with so much sacrifice safe, thanks to the robustness and dynamism of SecureMe. Finally, you’ll start sleeping peacefully because SecureMe ensures security.

Give your family protection and security

You should know that according to careful research conducted in 2019, a staggering 87% of burglaries occur from the garage, and of this 87%, a whopping 83% represent successful thefts.

Just 2 weeks ago, before installing SecureMe, thieves broke into the house of one of my clients and took EVERYTHING, everything that could have even a minimal value.

A lifetime of sacrifices for? Only to lose them in the blink of an eye.


But do you know why 87% of thefts occur from the garage and 83% represent successful thefts?

Many people I meet, who intend to renovate and change the garage door or improve the aesthetics of their home, do not immediately understand the importance of having a secure garage door.

To my statement “Well, if there’s access to the house internally through the garage, we increase the level of security,” they respond that they don’t need it because they already have an alarm system.

But now let’s think for a moment, answer this question: how many times during the day when you’re at home do you set the alarm?

Let me answer that for you? From experience, I tell you NEVER or rarely!

You should know that once the alarm goes off, it means that the thieves have already entered and are already on their way back with what were once your most precious belongings!

Well, let me ask you another question: when you’re in the attic eating and maybe have the TV on, are you sure you can hear well what’s happening downstairs?

You know, I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to make the wrong choice, because it’s important that you think carefully before making such a significant investment like the garage door

Then there are people who tell me, “no, I don’t have access to the house from the garage, and I don’t even have a prestigious car, so I don’t need security”

And then a question arises spontaneously: why let them take your car, your work tools, your bicycle, and much more? It doesn’t matter if inside the garage, you don’t have a luxury car or a carbon fiber bike worth €7,000.

They are still assets resulting from sacrifice that have cost you over the years, and you have the task of protecting them if they are in the garage.

So, if I were you, I wouldn’t make such a superficial choice!

And what about when you find the surprise?

Your insecurity increases, you can’t trust anyone anymore, you’re always worried, you give up your hobbies, you’re never focused at work, you have to find constant care for your children when you’re at work because you don’t trust leaving them alone, you stop buying anything for fear of it being taken away from you

Do you want to end up like this? I don’t think so.

So I ask myself: why not prevent instead of treating when it’s already too late?

Why skimp on the garage door when the safety of your loved ones is at stake?

Also, because you will always live with the regret of making the wrong choice for your home, because it’s true that in homes the danger to people is greater, but it’s also true that in garages the loot can be really substantial

Our goal is to keep thieves as far away from our homes as possible and send them to the neighbor who doesn’t have SecureMe

The theme of security has become a central issue in everyone’s life, and that’s why we’ve made it our main objective.

The need for tranquility in one’s home is pushing more and more people to equip themselves with a SECURITY OVERHEAD DOOR not only as an entrance door but also as a garage door

Our homes are increasingly targeted, especially if you live in a private house because thieves are sure to find a booty more easily.

But I finally have the solution for you

SecureMe, the number 1 security overhead door in Italy


You will increasingly come to the conclusion that SecureMe IS RIGHT FOR YOU!

Keep reading and discover the special features of a security door and the advantages it can offer if you decide to install it in your home

What is SecureMe, the number 1 security overhead door in Italy made of?

The structure consists of a frame made of galvanized steel capable of supporting pressures of over 600 Kg

Its opening system is the only one that does not allow warping, and thanks to this, the door cannot be bent in case of attempted break-ins

As standard, a security lock with an anti-drill latch is installed, and the body is designed so that, in case of an attempted tampering, the components break inside, and it remains locked

If you want to improve the security level on the lock, you can always opt for our armored plates with magnetic transponder opening.



The main advantage of installing a security door is obviously security

As I showed you before, there is the possibility of applying an armored plate with the innovative opening system via a magnetic transponder, which allows the latch to disappear to prevent tampering with the lock from the outside

Then don’t forget that SecureMe is the security overhead door that NEVER WARPS, with the addition of the guarantee that if it warps, it’s FREE!

You will never find a guarantee like this


Finally, it not only allows you to make your home safer but also to enhance and personalize it 100% as you like according to your needs


In the past, we were used to leaving the doors of the house open without running the risk of unpleasant surprises. But today with what we hear, it’s necessary not only to close the doors well but even to reinforce them!

In fact, it’s advisable to install a door suitable for the specific needs, particularly the level of risk to which the house is exposed.

You should know that this is precisely why there is a certification indicating the anti-burglary security level of the fixtures.

This certification sees extremes in classes 1 and 6. As I mentioned before, the class to be assigned is directly proportional to the risk. If it’s low, then you can very well opt for the second class, while for villas or more exposed houses, it’s advisable to install a class 3/4 door like SecureMe that resists saws, hammers, drills

Furthermore, you should know that since these are security doors, the Revenue Agency establishes a 50% deduction recoverable over 10 years.

Of course, you can take advantage of it if you decide to carry out interventions aimed at preventing the risk of illicit behavior by wrongdoers.


There are very few security overhead doors available today

Unfortunately, the market offers doors built cheaply, and therefore security is far from this type of product

When we designed SecureMe, we set ourselves the goal of protecting people and that the price was the last of the values to consider.

The tranquility of a family is priceless, but it’s achieved through certain production processes that I developed in the company for people like you

There are multiple factors that affect the price, such as the existence of various models, each customer has particular needs, the security level depending on the risk to which the house is exposed can vary from person to person.

SecureMe is the only security overhead door, and you can have it at a price starting from €2,500 + VAT and can go over €15,000 depending on the size and accessories installed.

But I hope that of all that you have read so far, you haven’t only remembered the price because if you have, then I invite you to think again about the consequences you could face if you made the wrong choice.

If instead you have understood and I have made your ideas clearer, you will admit that if you choose SecureMe, the price will become secondary. It’s not out of presumption that I say this, but one day, only after installing SecureMe at your home and only after receiving an act of vandalism, you will agree with me!

With SecureMe, you’ll feel like you have a reinforced concrete wall instead of a door.

Give protection and security


I will be happy to host you here in the company and design together the customized door for you.

I advise you to hurry up and secure your family and your home before it’s too late!

SecureMe is waiting to enter your home and protect you from any type of intrusion.

Choose the number 1 security overhead door in Italy and you won’t have to worry anymore.

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