Security Overhead Door: The Most Effective Way to Choose the Right One

Making the wrong choice for your next overhead door for your home could mean ruining its facade forever. Here’s the best way to avoid making mistakes.

Today, installing an overhead door – and therefore choosing the right supplieris an investment that requires a secure choice

A few years ago, even if you bought a garage door that wasn’t exactly what you wanted, you could afford to say, “I’ll change it in a few years”

Today, this way of thinking has become difficult. Whether it’s due to the economic crisis or the fear of spending the little savings you’ve set aside, you absolutely cannot afford to make such a mistake

Today, an overhead door is like a diamond: “it’s forever!”

Making the wrong choice for your garage door can seriously compromise your serenity and your family’s well-being. The wrong choice could cost you dearly over time and could detract from the aesthetics of your home

Making the wrong choice for the overhead door can ruin your home’s facade

Lately, I have perfected a system in the sales process within my company that is giving me a lot of results. Through this professional system, I am closing more contracts and wasting less time with people who are not really interested or who want to take advantage of my time for ulterior motives

A system so simple yet extraordinarily effective. A confirmation of your choice to say, “yes, this is the door I want”


What is it about?

Free Photorealistic Rendering

I offer you the possibility of having a series of images of your home with the chosen garage door incorporated. Only then can you confirm the purchase among the two or three models that you like the most but are unsure if they will fit well on the facade of your home

To be entitled to this free render, there are rules that must be strictly followed by both parties

How can I see my free rendering?

A sequence of actions from me and from you must be taken to conclude the choice of your overhead door:

The first inspection usually takes place at my company.

During this phase, I show you the production, explain how the security overhead doors are made, and the types of doors I can provide you with.

In this meeting, I can already help you choose your overhead door and can give you an approximate quote for the most suitable overhead door for your home to see if it fits within your budget.

In this meeting, I will test your willingness to keep your family and your home safe and will ask you if what I have just proposed is within your reach both economically and aesthetically

You won’t have to beat around the bush because your answer will simply be YES or NO

“I need to think about it” or “maybe” is considered a NO.

I want honesty from you, and you know that the time I would spend working for you unnecessarily is precious time that I would be taking away from those who are truly interested in keeping their home and family safe with a security overhead door, SecureMe


So don’t feel embarrassed and ask me any questions that come to mind as long as they clarify your ideas about why you want to buy a secure overhead door for your home.

If your answer is YES, then let’s prepare your offer based on your choices but above all based on your needs.

If the product convinces you and the cost is what you aimed for, then we move on to the second phase.

In the second phase, I will come to you.

I will take all the constructive measures, we will evaluate the best installation position, and the best aesthetics we can give to your door

In this inspection, we need to establish all the smallest details of your door

We will check the context in which it will be installed for the definition of the color, the position of the accessories, and any preparations you will need to make on the electrical system if the door is motorized.

In this phase, the commercial offer will be confirmed with any additions of accessories necessary for the complete use of the door

Here you will put your signature that will commit you to me to purchase one of the proposed overhead doors


After your acceptance, we move on to phase three

In the past, many have taken advantage of my goodwill to have me do the study and then have the work done by others, or, worse still, unscrupulous and principleless resellers have come to me to have the study done to then present it to their clients as their own work

For this reason, I have perfected my professional sales system, avoiding scams, and protecting third-party customers unaware of the origin of the product

So what happens after signing the preliminary contract?

You will need to commit to me by paying a small deposit. An amount that we will then deduct from the final work but will not be refunded in case of your reconsideration.

We enter phase four

This is a job that I and my graphic team will do. We will take the two or three doors you have chosen to purchase, and we will virtually install them in your home. This way, you can dispel all doubts because I will show you your home from the outside with the door you have chosen

The decision in 99% of cases is immediate

My clients say:

“Absolutely this one. Without a doubt, it is the door we imagined for our home, and finally, we will have the house we have always wanted but above all different from all the others”

Of course, if there are any aesthetic doubts, then we could do some further study. The important thing is that the door you choose will do justice to your home and make you satisfied.

Once the aesthetics are approved, the door is automatically ordered.

If the deposit you left me in phase three covers 30% of the total amount, then you won’t have to do anything else.

You have just made one of the best choices for you and your family.

If that amount doesn’t cover the figure, then I will ask you to cover 30% of the value of the ordered door.

This is a serious and professional sales method that attracts clients genuinely interested in finding a solution to their needs and distances charlatans and clowns who unfortunately work in this sector without any scruples

If you just want to “use me” to have an architectural study done, then I won’t help you

If, on the other hand, you really intend to:

  • Protect your home and your family;
  • Have a home different from others;
  • Make a difference with your neighbors and friends;
  • Not have any more unnecessary maintenance expenses;
  • Be protected by the only guarantee: “if it warps, it’s free”.

Then in this case, I will employ all available forces to help you find the tailor-made solution for you.

How to choose the best overhead door and be satisfied

  1. Come to my company to see the productionThen in this case, I will employ all available forces to help you find the tailor-made solution for you;
  2. Inspection by me at your home;
  3. Acceptance of commercial offers with deposit;
  4. Graphic study and photorealistic rendering;
  5. Acceptance of the model and confirmation deposit.

Now you know how to behave in front of a certified professional sales method that protects you at every stage of your best choice.

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