Swing-Up Garage Door: Custom-Made or Standard Measurements

Read this article and you’ll discover whether it’s better to choose a swing-up garage door with standard measurements or one custom-made to fit.

Today, I want to discuss this topic with you: is it better to buy a swing-up garage door with standard measurements or SecureMe, which is custom-made?

Given how frequently I’m asked this question, I’ve decided to dedicate an entire article to the subject

When you have the opportunity to build a house and you’re fortunate enough to construct a garage access opening larger than usual, over the years, I’ve seen three possible paths:

  1. The first instinctive choice that covers about 80% of people is: “I’ll install multiple doors in a row with standard measurements.”
  2. What people who reflect for a moment do is: “I’ll install another type of opening system.”
  3. The ace up the sleeve, reserved for those who have the will to carefully examine the situation, is: SecureMe.
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Multiple Doors with Standard Measurements, in a Row

Let’s analyze step by step the three options described above, starting with the most instinctive one, which is to install a series of standard doors in a row to cover the size of the wall opening.

This option, as I mentioned earlier, is the most instinctive. I have a wall-to-wall clearance of 6 meters.

What do I do?

Do I install two 3-meter doors or, worse, three 2-meter doors!

Instinct is an automatic behavior, dictated by past inexperience.

The strange thing is that everyone acts on instinct before someone or something triggers a thought process to examine what the right step is to take.

In short, initially, it’s like a flock of sheep, all moving in the same direction because they all move in one direction.

If everyone does it, it must be the best solution!

This thinking is the major reason why our choices are limited in the face of a range of proposals that technological development presents to us every day.

Returning to our problem, it’s true that by buying multiple doors with standard measurements, you can cover the entire width of your wall opening, but have you considered that costs increase proportionally?

Think about it for a moment

You’ll have three doors that will probably cost you as much as one custom-made door, but what about everything else?

Everything else will be tripled

You’ll have the cost of 3 installations, 3 automations, 3 pedestrian doors, 3 windows, not to mention the cost of maintaining 3 doors.

You certainly manage to cover the width, but our goal is to have both present and, above all, future savings.

Don’t choose your swing-up door instinctively just because everyone else does it!

So, let’s move on to the second solution, which is to opt for another type of opening.

Giving up the convenience of the swing-up door to opt for a sliding, hinged, or sectional door

If we analyze the quality/cost ratio, the curve has a slightly favorable trend compared to acting on instinct

We’ve already considered the differences between a swing-up and a sectional door in other articles (if you don’t remember, once you’ve finished this article, click here Swing-up or sectional: which one to choose).

For the other two solutions (hinged or sliding door), you need to consider the cost/convenience ratio.


You’re surely familiar with these opening systems, but let’s examine them to determine if it’s actually worth installing one of these two solutions.

The hinged door is the solution that is usually used in industry. I won’t specify the construction characteristics, but if you come to visit me, I’ll show you how they’re produced.

The hinged door is the only one that can guarantee you durability and reliability over time. The only thing you need to consider is convenience.

Keep in mind that these are panels that slide on a track, so it’s a door that will be noisy. If you don’t automate it, it will be very heavy to open, and I can assure you that a 6-meter door with 6 panels will be difficult for your wife or children to open if it’s not motorized.

The sliding door, on the other hand, needs to have a wall as long as the garage opening to slide, and often this doesn’t exist.

The dimensions of a garage door are important

Now let’s move on to the third point, where you research and request information about SecureMe.

If you’re not familiar with it yet, let me summarize who it actually is:

SecureMe is the number one security swing-up door in Italy, the only one that NEVER sags

After years and years of study and research, we’ve managed to create the first swing-up security door that never sags.

SecureMe can cover widths of up to 6.3 meters in a single panel and heights of up to 5.6 meters.

As you can understand, with SecureMe, you get what others offer you in two or three products

Your costs are reduced this way because you only have to install one product, automate one product, and any accessories will be calculated only for one door, not for three like in other cases.

Let’s not even talk about the space requirements

Three swing-up doors, each two meters wide, significantly reduce maneuverability. A hinged door of 6 meters reduces the width by 60 cm.

SecureMe is the custom-made garage door

The width requirements don’t exceed 30 cm in total, so with a clearance of 6.3 meters, you have the possibility to access a clearance of 6 meters.

Let me summarize the 5 advantages of SecureMe compared to any other opening system

  • SecureMe is custom-made

Just for this feature, it’s worth choosing this swing-up door over other solutions. This isn’t just a hypothesis, but the data are real and proven in the field

Installation doesn’t require masonry work because we adapt SecureMe to the wall, not the other way around. You won’t have to face masonry costs to narrow or widen the garage opening.

  • With SecureMe, you’ll have greater maneuverability

Having a single door allows you to enter your garage with extreme ease.

You won’t have to worry about scraping the side of your car on the walls of the door because with SecureMe, you’ll have the convenience of entering through a 6-meter wide door.

Compared to having two or three doors in a row, SecureMe allows you to make the most of your garage entrance.

  • With SecureMe, side requirements are reduced

You can install a hinged door and narrow your garage opening by 60 cm or install a sliding door and have a reduction of 50% if you don’t have a space on which to slide your door

With SecureMe, even before installation, you’ll know the total space requirements

The side space requirements of the swing-up door are reduced

  • With SecureMe, you’ll have low noise levels.

A manufacturing process that applies top-quality materials results in a perfect product. With SecureMe, we’ve eliminated all those noises that you hear on traditional swing-up doors or sliding and sectional doors today.

How did we come up with this solution?

Every moving part is self-lubricated during the operation cycle

This technology is applied to high-precision machinery that costs hundreds of thousands of euros, but we’ve chosen to give you a swing-up door different from the others, and that’s why a 6-meter door, when it moves, only makes an ‘impression’ in seeing it move, but you don’t hear it

Whenever you want, come visit me at the company, you’ll be welcome. I’ll let you hear with your own ears the movement of a security swing-up door of these dimensions.

  • With SecureMe, you’ll have low operating costs

If you intend to automate your swing-up door, it’s one thing to motorize one swing-up door and another to do it two or three times. This saving alone justifies the cost of SecureMe.

With one motorization, you enter through a 6-meter door.

Let’s also talk about the other accessories.

Pedestrian door and upper glazed area. With SecureMe, you pay for only one pedestrian door and one glazed area, while with three doors, the cost will be multiplied by three.

The same goes for installation, which with SecureMe costs a third compared to other solutions.

Future maintenance and servicing will be done on one door, unlike other solutions that will be multiplied by two or three.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into the topic, I recommend filling out the form and leaving me your email. You’ll be updated on all the construction techniques of SecureMe and you can come see the production directly at the company in Via Borgognone, 7 – 10090 Trana (TO).

SecureMe is the best-selling security swing-up door

Since 1990, thanks to SecureMe, we’ve been the leader in the category of security swing-up doors, forcing others to frantically chase after trying to imitate this swing-up door in some way, which still remains the only one built to measure and customized.

Other companies in the sector have thrown in the towel and surrendered to our focus on continually improving this swing-up door, which, thanks to the many units produced, has now reached a level that is enviable to the best European manufacturers.

What would change for you if you installed SecureMe at your home?

And what would happen if you acted on instinct because everyone else does and chose one of those products that everyone chooses?

What could happen if for now you settle and postpone your decision towards SecureMe?

Enter your email to schedule an appointment with me and examine your situation together

In the past, I’ve made it possible for customers’ garages that were previously difficult to enter, even giving up access altogether.

Right now, you don’t need to evaluate any project, but you’re interested in delving into the topic of security swing-up doors?

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