Swing-Up Garage Door: Why is the Pulley So Important?

The pulley is one of the components of your new door that you must evaluate because it tells you a lot about the quality of the swing-up door you’re being sold!

Depending on the type of installation, the use you’ll need to make of it, and the intensity of use, you’ll need to choose the swing-up door with the characteristics and components suitable for you.

What use will you make of your new swing-up door?

Let’s start with something fundamental: where will the swing-up door you’re looking for be installed?

It depends on what your usage will be.

1. Rarely Enter and Exit the Swing-Up Door

Sporadic use of the garage door may allow you to overlook some details that you should instead consider if you’ll be opening your swing-up door more often.

This doesn’t mean that if you open the door once a day, it’s better to buy the cheapest swing-up door you can find on the market or have two leaves made by a friend who builds them in their spare time.

I urge you, always be careful because your safety and that of those who will pass under that door are always at stake.


2. Continuously Enter and Exit the Swing-Up Door

An intense daily cycle frequency requires a series of components capable of withstanding all these movements.

If you enter and exit your swing-up door more than 5 times a day, do a quick calculation of how many times it opens in a year:

5*365 days = 1825 openings and 1825 closings = 3650 MOVEMENTS!

Now I want to try to illustrate all those components that work during these 3650 movements.

What is the pulley, and why is it important?

The pulley is the fundamental element for lifting the swing-up door.

There are many quantities and qualities of pulleys on the market, from plastic ones to those made of stamped sheet metal, from those with a round groove to those with a “V” groove.

What pulley should my swing-up door have?

In an economical door, you’ll find a pulley with a small diameter (about 10cm), and in most cases, it will be made of plastic.

Agree with me that the pulley, which is a central element of the movement, with these characteristics, does not guarantee you a long life.

This is certainly one of the components you must evaluate because it tells you a lot about the quality of the swing-up door you’re being sold.

On SecureMe doors, you’ll never find a plastic piece, let alone a pulley.

Think that I personally install pulleys in solid iron that alone weigh as much as the covering of an economical swing-up door! They have a diameter of 16 cm with a high load bearing.

Furthermore, do you know what I do? I turn the groove of the pulley to the exact diameter of the cable so that you will never have a pinching of the cable.

Ask my long-time customers if they have ever replaced a cable on their swing-up door, don’t ask those who call me annually for optional maintenance but ask those who have never called me and have been using my swing-up door for 25 years.

That’s what it means to make a difference and not have any more maintenance costs.

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