Swing-Up or Sectional Garage Door: Which One to Choose?

If you’re undecided about which type of garage door to choose, you’re in the right place. In this article, I’ll try to answer the question: Which one to choose between a swing-up door and a sectional one?

When you have to choose which door to install in your garage and not make a wrong investment, doubts begin to take control, and it seems like you’re no longer able to reason using common sense.

The typical question that many struggle with is: Do I buy a swing-up or a sectional door?

As in all situations, there are pros and cons; in fact, the exact answer is: “IT DEPENDS…”

If you were expecting a clear answer in favor of the swing-up door, it’s not like that. Even though I’m a STRONG SUPPORTER of this technology, honestly speaking, it’s not always the best, and now I’ll explain why:

Let’s analyze one thing at a time and see what the advantages and disadvantages of each product are.

Let’s start by analyzing why the sectional door may be more convenient.

Analyze the number of cycles you need to do annually and the level of security you want to provide for your home and family.

If you use it infrequently and don’t care about protecting your home, then you’ve found the solution that’s right for you.

Do you feel like constantly maintaining and spending money continuously to keep your door working?

Here’s where the real difference between a sectional door and SecureMe comes in.

SecureMe is the ultimate secure swing-up door, produced and tested since 1990. Today we’ve improved the aesthetics, added some technologically advanced features, but the foundation remains the same.

You should know that first of all, SecureMe has an average lifespan of about three times that of a common swing-up or sectional door.

Just like all the components installed on SecureMe are sized twice as large as those of a traditional swing-up or sectional door.

SecureMe’s cable 8 mm = Sectional’s cable 3-4 mm

SecureMe’s pulley 160mm = A traditional pulley 80-100mm

Why does SecureMe last longer?

Simple, read two lines above, and you have the answer. The components installed on SecureMe are oversized compared to the “competitors”, and consequently, their wear is pratically halved..

An 8mm cable will have to work much longer before it breaks than a 3mm diameter cable.

Other factors come into play here.

On SecureMe, the pulley is turned exactly to the diameter of the cable so that there will never be pinching between the pulley walls and the cable.

Okay, but concretely, what’s different about SecureMe?

Let’s read the hidden code that no one has ever revealed to you, and let’s find out why SecureMe has the public on its side.

Do you know a synchronized swimming competition, where a jury sitting in front of the two athletes scrutinizes every detail before raising the paddle and giving a score?

It’s the same here, it’s not me talking but the people who have used both products and then testified to help you understand which direction is worth going in.

Daniela, after a few years of using her sectional door, got tired of the continuous and increasingly frequent and expensive maintenance and decided to rely on SecureMe.

Here’s what she testified:

Installed about three months ago. I previously had another door but less secure, as it was made of slightly lower-quality material, so the intention was to do some maintenance. Then I found myself comparing it with better materials and we decided to change it. I can recommend it because the material is good. The aesthetic aspect (which has its part) is also good/nice, and then definitely safer.

With SecureMe, comparative values come into play, which, if analyzed one by one, make you understand how important it is to choose well today and save in the future, both in terms of money and effort.

Consider these factors:

  1. Burglary security
  2. Number of extraordinary maintenance interventions
  3. Installation costs
  4. Frequency of ordinary maintenance
  5. Frequency of sudden door stops
  6. Aesthetic maintenance
  7. Design
  8. Functionality of applicable accessories
  9. Warranty
  10. Counterweight lifting

These are the 10 points you need to consider, comparing SecureMe to a traditional/sectional Swing-Up Door. It’s on these points that Daniela based her choice.

SecureMe brings serenity to the home

Daniela was afraid to be alone at home. Her house faces the road at a somewhat isolated point in her city. Her husband is often away for work, and she is forced to stay home alone. Her concern, dictated by the fragility of her garage door, was to find someone in the house without her noticing. She had reached the point where every little noise coming from the garage floor caused her anxiety and fear.

Since installing SecureMe in her home, harmony has returned. Her husband works calmly, and she no longer has fears because she has seen that the structure of SecureMe is much more robust and secure than the sectional door she had before.

SecureMe reduces extraordinary interventions

Daniela, over the years she used a sectional door, did the math and found that in three years she paid the difference with which she bought SecureMe today.

SecureMe has reduced the frequency of extraordinary interventions to a percentage equal to 0%.

The 8mm cable that rotates in its pulley with the throat turned exactly will never fray. The bushings installed at each lubricating hinge point automatically lubricate the door without you or a technician having to intervene frequently.

SecureMe: a maintenance-free swing-up door

Daniela has a very beautiful house, with modern and very elegant architecture. She never found, in the sectional she had before, any harmony with the design of her home.

SecureMe is built only to measure and under your specification. Together we evaluate which style best suits your home and finally do justice to your home.

Today Daniela has changed her mood, she is happy to come home, she feels safe, and finally, she has the door she has always dreamed of for her home.

SecureMe is a door forever

There are people who are shocked when I quote them a door for their home for about 5-6000€; others, on the other hand, who go beyond the number and perceive the true benefits of SecureMe, are amazed at the figure and tell me:

Compared to a simple armored door, it costs very little!

Maybe you’ve just spent 40,000€ on a car that you’ll use for a maximum of 10 years and then won’t be worth anything anymore, and you don’t consider that a door for your home is forever at a decidedly lower price and, moreover, will also protect the supercar you just bought.

Sure, you can spend less, I know it too, but if you want your life to improve like Daniela’s, then your only solution is SecureMe.

If you want to pay less, knowing that your problem won’t be solved anyway, stay where you are, don’t move, and don’t do any more damage. You don’t need to change the garage door, but you need to improve it.

If you change, you have to change for the better

There are reasons that you can still consider for not buying SecureMe, and you’d better take them into account:

  1. If the garage serves you as an unused room;
  2. If you don’t care about protecting your family while at home;
  3. If you don’t care about frequent breakdowns and door stops;
  4. If you don’t care about having issues with whoever uses your swing-up door.

What I recommend you do is to research before making a purchase that apparently seems lower, ask for quotes from whoever you want and as many as you want, but then I want you to call me, and I want to hear you say how many doors like SecureMe you found around, how many gave you a real guarantee, and how many analyzed your real garage door usage situation.

As always, I’m here to help you choose the safest and most suitable solution for your use. I can guarantee you that you’ll only buy what you really need and not one screw more. Together we’ll optimize your investment, which will be forever.

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