The 6 Most Frequently Asked Questions by Garage Door Buyers

Choosing the garage door is one of those things that should never be underestimated, whether you’re building a house from scratch or making a change

Every time people like you intend to improve their daily lives and take a leap in quality, they start researching to evaluate a series of garage door types available on the market

Often, through this research, one considers purchasing an overhead door

SecureMe is the perfect door for those who want security and ease of use at the same time.

Perfect if you’ve always used cheap doors until now. By choosing a door like SecureMe, the number one security overhead door in Italy, you will increase your peace of mind, save money on maintenance, and time wasted on unnecessary sudden stops

Perfect if you’ve used sectional or construction site doors until now but want to increase your security, which no one has ever guaranteed you.

Not by chance, the driving force behind our company is SAFETY! You, like all our customers, deserve security in your home!

When you’re faced with a security overhead door for the first time, it’s normal to feel perplexed because you’re coming face to face with a new way of seeing things

But above all, with a new opening model and a new way of seeing your home

This is the method we call: security comes from the garage.

The new approach almost always brings with it many doubts

But it’s absolutely normal and is due to a series of natural fears that humans automatically associate with experiences lived directly or indirectly through acquaintances, friends.

What are the fears about overhead doors?

In particular, I have identified 6 specific fears.

Today I want to tell you what my clients ask me at the first meeting, but above all, what clients ask each other before buying SecureMe

As you know well, all the testimonials you can see on my website or my YouTube channel are certified, and the shots are taken directly at the customer’s home in front of the door they purchased.

Just as an example, here’s one:

For privacy reasons, I can’t give you the phone number, but if you want direct information, call me at the office, and I’ll put you in direct contact without any problem.

Today, customers no longer trust, or rather, not only what I say, but they want to know the experience of those who have already tried SecureMe and what problems it has solved.

For this reason, I list below the classic fears that arise when negotiating with a customer or that a potential customer asks those who already use SecureMe

Completely legitimate fears that I believe you may have too!

What are the fears before buying the garage door?

1. How do you judge your purchase of SecureMe, the number one security overhead door in Italy?

The answer can be found in what Dolce Andrea says in his testimony, which I’ll recite to you below:

“I chose SecureMe after getting other quotes because here, finally, I found the quality and design I was looking for. An overhead door that enhances my home but not only. Its security allows me to sleep more peacefully. In addition to the quality of the door, the company’s manager is also a very competent, precise, and punctual person. Very important qualities that are no longer found in all sellers. We established the timing, and that was respected. I was very satisfied and recommend to anyone who wants to replace their overhead door to turn to them.”

2. Are you satisfied with the installation and after-sales technical support service?

Silvia Gibellino can clarify things better than anyone. Listen to what she said to our cameras:

“We’ve had the overhead door and gate since 2002 or more. We continue to be exceptionally assisted by the staff of this company. We really feel very good.”

3. How long have you been using your overhead door?

I met Stefano Martinetto about a month ago, and he spontaneously wanted to leave his video testimony to let everyone know this:

“I turned to them in 1998. I chose SecureMe because the previous door broke after an accident: unfortunately, the car started on its own without the handbrake and crashed the door. So, when changing, I wanted to improve the product by motorizing it and found SecureMe, which is close to my home. I found the construction of the product very good, and in +20 years, I have never had any maintenance problems, and it still works perfectly today.”

4. Are you satisfied with the materials used? Have you had an improvement compared to your previous situation?

Daniela is the one who can answer this question and dispel this fear from your mind.

“Previously I had another door held for about ten years but less secure, as it was made of slightly inferior material, so the intention was to do some maintenance. Then I found myself dealing with better materials and decided to change it completely. I can highly recommend SecureMe because the material is really good. The aesthetic aspect (which has its part) is also good/nice, and then it’s definitely safer.”

5. Is the product worth the expense, or is it better to go for cheaper similar products?

The fear of spending more than it’s worth is immediately dispelled by Michele explaining his experience:

“We went around a bit before making this choice. We went to see different places, also to have a complete picture of the situation. When we found ourselves in front of a company like theirs, seeing how they worked, the type of structure they had, we fell in love. Everything we had previously seen fell away, and we have SecureMe, the security overhead door. The assembly was done very well and quickly. We are very happy also because now the house has completely improved its aesthetics. The other overhead doors we saw are made with materials that make you want to skip this kind of expense. I recommend this overhead door to everyone because I believe it is really valid, both for security in particular, and for the anti-torsion system that makes the door very safe. The wood is treated in a simple and right way and gives a very striking and well-done result. I also wish you to buy this door, and I guarantee you will be satisfied because I have seen some installations that this company has done after 20 years, and they are still as beautiful as the first day.”

6. If you could, would you do it again, or would you recommend making this purchase to a friend?

Corrado Michele is a very demanding person and is one of the many who can dispel this doubt for you. Listen to what he said:

“We installed the automatic overhead door SecureMe in 2008, and I’m very happy with it. They are perfect doors, and even the support is timely. If I could go back, I would make the same expense for the reasons I just said. I recommend this overhead door to all those who need motorized doors because they are a great convenience. When it rains, I don’t get wet anymore because I don’t get out of the car. Everything works perfectly with the remote control.

I would say there’s nothing else to add, except to give you all the tools to verify if what’s reported corresponds to reality because at this point, you might suspect:

Are these testimonials true?

Indeed, you’re right to doubt because, based on my experience, many of the testimonials you find on websites are false or invented by some unscrupulous salesperson who, to make themselves look good, cheats without any problem to pave the way, without giving any way to verify that such testimonials are true in the name of Privacy.

So I provide you with all the tools, in case you have doubts, so that you can personally verify the authenticity of these testimonials.

Here I list all the links to the video interviews so that you can listen to them with your own ears and verify if what I’ve written corresponds to reality.

  1. Dolce Andrea: How does he judge his purchase at DiMa srl?
  2. Silvia Gibellino: Is she satisfied with the after-sales service?
  3. Stefano Martinetto: How long has he been using his overhead door?
  4. Zuccalà Michele: Is the product worth the expense?
  5. Corrado Michele: Would he make this expense again?

Now I believe your fears have gone away after listening to people who have been using SecureMe for years and have had no problems, indeed they are contributing to helping undecided people not waste time in choosing.

If you want to delve into the topic, I invite you to click here and find out much more.


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