The Benefits of Having a Custom Overhead Garage Door

How many times have you cursed while entering your garage because it’s too narrow or uncomfortable?

Don’t worry, this condition belongs to 90% of the people who contact me to solve this problem.

Until the 1960s, those who built houses sized the garage door according to the measurements of the cars of the time.

Let me explain…

Most cars didn’t exceed 1.30 meters in width, and having a garage door with a usable passage of 2 meters was a luxury!

You still had 70 centimeters left when entering!

Things have changed today, technology, safety, and comfort have required increasing the size of cars

Essentially, the average width of utility vehicles, from mirror to mirror, is now about 1.80 meters.

Today, there is a tendency to further increase these measurements.

Just look at SUVs, whose width ranges from 1.90 meters to over 2 meters.

Now, can you imagine what you would do with an overhead door that has a passage width of 1.80 meters?

On that note, let me tell you what happened to Luigi, a dear client of mine who was exactly in this situation.


Luigi, buying a house in the 1960s, found himself in this situation: two narrow doors and a fixed central window.

When we met, the first thing I noticed was the scratches on the side of the door with his car.

The biggest problem to face: widening the garage door passage

Luigi, like many others, didn’t think that an overhead door could be built with a width of up to 6.30 meters and a height of over 5 meters.

In our company, thanks to our unique anti-sagging system, we can provide you with an overhead door of these dimensions while maintaining high standards of safety and quality!

Forget those who say it’s not possible or that an overhead door of these dimensions will never work well because everything I tell you, I can prove it to you with a series of testimonials, and if that’s not enough, I can show you our overhead doors that have been working since 1990 and are still as good as new.

By the way, if you come to visit me at the company, I’ll immediately dispel any doubts you may have by simply showing you SecureMe installed in our warehouse: 5m x 5m, it’s impressive to see it move, yet it’s been installed and working under extreme conditions for over 30 years

Certainly, if you turn to those who can only offer you cheap construction site overhead doors, all they can do is tell you that overhead doors of these dimensions don’t exist or that such a large overhead door will never work well.

If you’ve come this far, you have two advantages over everyone else:

  • The first is having the elements not to believe those who tell you invented tales like the one that large overhead doors don’t work well or even that they don’t exist;
  • The second is to make your neighbor jealous, who bought a house in the same period as you and curses every time he enters the garage.

Then if you want to continue giving money to your body shop, turn everything off and stay in the situation you’re in, but if you want to change your life and live in your garage serenely, then I suggest you go ahead and see how Luigi solved his problem.

Luigi’s garage had become a room that just entering it was annoying, so much so that many times he left the car outside to avoid damaging it

Actually, even I, in his same condition, would have given up using that room as a garage but would have used it as a storage room without putting the car inside.

It would have become a useless part of the house, a room like the others, indeed, a room that it was impossible to live in.

Of course, a solution like Luigi’s needs to be carefully and thoroughly studied.

You can’t expect to send me an email and ask me how much a garage door costs.

I tell you this because every day I receive emails that, alas, cannot be considered because it is not described what kind of problem needs to be solved, what result we need to achieve, what expense we are willing to face, where the door will be installed, there are no photos or projects attached to the request, etc…

You’re not asking for a price on a packet of pasta, but you’re putting thousands of euros on the table to solve a specific problem and achieve the maximum result possible.

Luigi called the company and made an appointment to come and see which door would be the most suitable for him.

When he arrived, he had a series of photos and approximate measurements taken by himself.

At the end of the consultation at the company, a quote was made, and since it was well within the budget he had communicated to me, before viewing the products in the company, a survey was then made at his home.

The goal was to have a secure overhead door, without changing the aesthetics too much, and that was definitely more comfortable than the current ones

After 60 days of waiting, here’s the result obtained.


In the design, that unnecessary central glass was eliminated, and a unique security overhead door of 5 meters was created.

Since Luigi needed to have lighting inside the garage, an upper glass area 50 cm high and as long as the entire door was made.

Luigi was also looking for convenience in using the new door, which is why, in addition to automation, a central pedestrian door was also designed, of the necessary size for Luigi to pass even with his inseparable bicycle, so that every time he needs to go out, he doesn’t have to open 5 meters of gate

Needless to say, we also thought about, and above all, I would dare say, about safety!

Luigi has become our testimonial and is a satisfied person who spent his money in exchange for a real solution to his big problem, which no one had ever solved for him

If you’re in Luigi’s condition too, I recommend you click here and find the best solution for your home with one of our specialized technicians.

If you think everything I’ve told you is the product of my twisted mind, first of all, I’ve already shown you several times that we let others invent fairy tales, and to give you further confirmation, watch the video below and listen to what Luigi has to say.


Remember that SecureMe is the only secure overhead door that never warps.

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