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You have a big problem, but it’s not about your overhead door. Keep reading to find out what it is.

Your lack of information is the real problem because if you don’t have decision-making elements, whoever comes in front of you will sell you something that you probably don’t need.

You will spend your money poorly, detracting from your family’s well-being. Not only that, but you will feel guilty until you redo the shopping, but this time, it will be a reasoned purchase.

I’ve been there too, and I understand the frustration you can feel in making a mistake like this, the thought always goes there: those €2,000 could have been destined for your children’s education, instead, someone took them from you by selling you a useless garage door!

For this reason, I decided to help people who are not able to decide on their own, people who could be deceived by unscrupulous sellers whose only goal is to make an extra sale.

A garage door should relieve you of responsibilities from your shoulders, not add more to those you already have for other reasons.

The choice of the garage door must not be underestimated, it must not be done once a year, but it must be done once, forever.

Only by having a very specific scheme in mind will you be able to combine all the pieces like a puzzle and not make this important choice wrong.

Below, I have prepared a comparative table for you. Its purpose is precisely this: a very simple scheme that eliminates all the objections that you will encounter when choosing your overhead door.

Finally, you will be able to understand effectively where to invest your money for the well-being of your family and your home.

I’ll tell you in advance that you will find 4 columns. The first expresses the problem that most people face; the second gives you the solution if you decide to rely on the first seller you find; the third, what happens if you don’t want to do anything to solve the problem; the last one gives you the definitive solution to your problem.

What to do to secure your home?

Problem to FaceTake one of the ManyDo NothingChoose SecureMe

Today you have a poorly secure garage door and want to secure your home and your family.

You spend your money without solving the problem and to the anxiety that something might happen, you add the frustration because you spent money unnecessarily.You don’t solve your problem, and the fear that something might happen pierces your brain every moment of the day.
You solve the security problem and you can rest assured when you are at home and not only.

Is your problem the warping overhead door?

Problem to FaceTake one of the manyDo NothingChoose SecureMe
Your current door opens crooked, and you’re afraid it might fall at any moment.You will continue to have the exact same problem, but in addition, you will have spent money.Every day, you will open your door and cross your fingers hoping not to get stuck underneath. The fear that something might happen to your children will keep you awake at night, and you will never forgive yourself if an accident were to occur.The door never warps. The system with which it is made does not allow torsion. SecureMe is the only overhead door with the guarantee “if it warps, it’s free”.

How to solve the problem of frequent maintenance on the garage door?

Problem to FaceTake one of the manyDo NothingChoose SecureMe
You are tired of the frequent maintenance your door requires, and you are tired of continuously spending money Maintenance will be frequent, and in the end, you will spend more than you had budgeted. You will feel guilty for having spent money and still not being happy with how you spent it.You will continue to have a malfunctioning door and spend a lot of money on maintenance. Your savings will decrease, and you will be suffocated by the thought that you are continuing to spend on something that is not worth it. It is the overhead door that does not need any maintenance; spend now, and then forget about it.

How much does an overhead door cost?

Problem to FaceTake ine of the manyDo Nothing Choose SecureMe
You have a very limited budgetThey will only offer you cheap products, but you have to ask yourself: what are they offering you with what you pay? Be careful about the consequences of this choiceYou keep your money in your pocket and remain with your problems. The day something bad happens, that money won’t be enough to pay for the consequencesSecureMe can be customized as you wish, with the accessories you need. Choose the basic version and then add the accessories you need in the following years.

What is the best aesthetic for a garage door?

Problem to FaceTake one of the manyDo NothingChoose SecureMe
You want to change the facade of the house, giving it value and making it unique as you have always wanted. Different from the othersSettle for what they offer you, put on a fake wood panel, and stay among the dissatisfied who spend money on maintenance. You’ve done a lot to have a house different from the others, and now you make the mistake of aligning yourself with all the dissatisfied people.Every day you arrive home, you will not find what you have always wanted. You will open your door, but dissatisfaction will afflict you, and you will always live with discontent.You can personalize your door as you like, both in materials and design. Finally, your home will be as you have always dreamed

Overhead door for a cellar?

Problem to FaceTake one of the ManyDo nothingChoose SecureMe
The place where you will install your overhead door will not be a garage for parking cars.You will have to settle for the standard product they offer you, and not everyone will give you the accessories you need. The room will be invaded by ceiling guides and visible mechanics. Aesthetically unpleasant to see.You will be forced to invite your friends and have them enter through a sheet metal door which will diminish your hospitality. 

If you’ve made it this far, your big problem that you had before starting to read should have disappeared. Or rather, lightened.

Now you have clearer ideas on how to choose your garage overhead door.

You can also decide not to do anything, but beware of the consequences.

You are lucky that I, unlike all those who are part of my sector, before selling you a garage door, inform you about everything you need to know. Pros and cons.

I’m not interested in selling you something to make a number, but I’m interested first of all that the exchange we make between your money and my door is exactly the same value, if not more.

If you think you can get value and pay half of what it’s worth, I’m not the right person for you. You probably need to turn to someone who sells you a door that you don’t need, but what matters is that it costs little.

In the schemes you have just read, I made your ideas as clear as possible, but if you still have doubts and uncertainties about your choice, then you can contact me, and together we will find the solution that suits you

Click here and enter the world of SecureMe, the only security overhead door that never warps 

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