The Real Price to Pay for Your Overhead Garage Door

Are you searching for the best overhead garage door?
Have you built a house directly for your client and now need a door to install in the garage?

Are you a retailer tasked with providing the garage door to your client?

Stop right there because this article is tailored for you!

It all starts from the usual problem that arises at the core of purchasing an overhead garage door.

The vast majority of people who are buying an overhead garage door for their own garage or to sell to their client usually look at a figure that, in my opinion, is perhaps among the least important.

The price of the overhead door

And you might think: “Of course, that’s a given. What influences purchasing decisions more than anything else is surely how much the overhead door will cost me”

Nothing could be more wrong

As you well know, there are other data and numbers that you need to learn to look at and keep under control every time you deal with a client who asks you for a quote for the garage door or with a seller who is proposing an overhead or sectional door for your house

But the very first thing to do is to learn to look and above all to read the numbers, the correct ones!

Normally, those who impact in this sector always check the same data:

  • Cost of the door;
  • Installation cost;
  • Cost of individual accessories.

So, every time you have to sell an overhead door to a client, or you are a contractor who has to install the garage door, you take out the calculator and start adding up each point to find out how much your garage door will cost

The classic calculation you make is to see, precisely, how much money you will have to take out of your wallet to have the overhead door.

If you are the designer of the house or the seller of the overhead door, where are you going wrong?

Are you convinced that if you propose an overhead door that you will buy at a low price and resell it by increasing it by 100%, you will have made the deal of your life?

You could make a lot of money without doing anything strenuous, just by placing an order with whoever gives you the lowest price.

But are you sure it will be a real gain?

Have you ever heard of reviews, testimonials and opinions that people spread everywhere?

Well, today you could be the protagonist

Imagine the title of the review:

“Don’t do business with this overhead door seller.”

Or a review with the title:

“I will never buy from or recommend this house designer again”

Take the calculator in your hand now and think about how many sales you will lose because of this mentality

Do you know how many people I have met in my entrepreneurial journey who thought this way?

People who thought of doing business on the backs of others but, in the end, failed, losing everything they had done in their lives

The world has changed, today, there is the possibility of informing yourself before taking a step, and if you are on the black list, you’re done!

Having a company that supports you with top-notch marketing, where there are people, testimonials that support what you will sell or install in your project, means having happy, satisfied customers who will come back to you to do business again and give you money

We do this every day

We don’t sell by filling the customer’s head with words like: “how good we are, we’ve been on the market since 1990, etc…” but we have our customers who, with their testimonials, sell for us!

Compare your way of working up to now:

  1. If you are a seller: you buy an overhead door for € 300 and resell it to your client for € 600;
  2. If you are a designer or builder: you sell a house for a million euros and install an overhead door for € 500 or even worse a sectional one for € 1,000!

In both cases, your clients will not be happy for these reasons:

  • Frequent maintenance;
  • Unsafe house;
  • Aesthetics not suitable for the type of construction;
  • Non-existent or inadequate accessories.

And they will make scorched earth around you, forcing you to disappear from the market.

Do you want to change the way you work and live longer but above all in good health?

We are already doing part of it for you!

Imagine from tomorrow what you can do:

Turn to us to understand what is best to offer to your client, knowing that an overhead door like SecureMe doesn’t cost € 1,000 and you will receive a series of positive reviews that will bring you unexpected customer returns.

Take a door for € 300 and fail, take a door for € 5,000 and you will have a queue of people who only want the houses you design.

These are the real numbers you need to look at when buying an overhead door!

Are you instead the user of the garage door?

Here you have to be very careful because not only do you risk losing money, but also your peace of mind!

Many, when they hear that SecureMe starts from € 2,300 and can even cost15/20,000, take a step back.

For me, you can even take two steps back, but you just need to be careful not to fall off the cliff behind you!

Carlo, one of my clients, had a collection of model airplanes in the garage of inestimable value. In one night, he saw thousands and thousands of euros lost just because some unscrupulous fool told him that all garage doors are the same and he would give him a good price!

If he had had SecureMe for about € 7,000, which is what he spent to then replace that junk they sold him, he would still have his collection, which was worth ten times as much!

Here are the figures you need to beat on your calculator when you buy an overhead door, you have to evaluate:

  1. The level of security;
  2. The maintenance you will have to do and the frequency with which you will have to do it;
  3. Functionality and sudden stops;
  4. The danger to which whoever will use the overhead door is exposed.

Each point has numbers that you will have to add to the base price, some can be quantified, others, however, only when you pay for them with your own skin, will you understand how much they are worth

I am trying to give you a series of information that will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and above all continue to live and work at your best

You can accept what I have told you and try SecureMe firsthand at my company, otherwise, stay where you are, and wait to see if anything changes.

If you want to know more, click here.

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