Why Choose SecureMe, the Number One Security Swing Door in Italy?

Have you ever felt that sense of anxiety mixed with worry but you can’t explain why and as a result you continue to go through your days naturally carrying this great weight?

Has it ever happened to you?

If your answer is yes, this article is for you!

Indice puntato, tu

Today I want to help you. But STOP! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a psychologist, a doctor, or even a know-it-all.

But before I tell you mine, let’s analyze this feeling of yours better together

What is meant by anxiety and how to remedy it?

According to the Treccani Encyclopedia, ANXIETY is defined as: unpleasant emotional state characterized by apprehension, insecurity and painful anticipation with which a period or a threat is experienced.

The most effective and exceptional remedy?
Stop, sit down
and start digging inside yourself. In no time, you will find the answer to your discomfort.

Please, this is the first step recommended by experts as well.

Usually, by slowly analyzing yourself, the answer, unless it is something terrible, is easy.

For example, I’ll try to help you in my small way

I’ll tell you the story of Paolo, my dear customer for 9 years now

Paolo’s Story

I meet Paolo at a trade fair, namely Expocasa in 2010.

I still can’t explain, even after so many years, how the conversation came up. Paolo initially stops at my stand, but not to ask for a quote for a door but the first thing Paolo said to me was “Hello, I don’t need the garage door, I just wanted to congratulate you on the sturdy and beautiful doors you produce”.


Well, that was the first thing Paolo said to me. Of course, I thank him and we start talking. Paolo confides in me that due to a perpetual emotional malaise, he no longer had the strength or desire to understand why he felt that way.

I had never seen him before this occasion, but something inside me said to help him

The only advice I allowed myself to give him, and if you are in the same situation as Paolo, the advice is also for you, was: take some time, stop and reflect on your day.

Really examine your whole day from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, think back to the feelings you feel during your daily movements.

What do I mean?

It will seem silly to you, but Paolo, a year later comes to visit me in the company, and I will tell you… He bought the swing door for his garage saying to me:

“Andrea, I followed your advice, I reflected and do you know what contributed to increasing my anxiety and worry during the day? Precisely the garage door. I left home and I was worried about my son taking out his motorcycle, his bicycle, I was worried about my daughter, my family who would have stayed home, my belongings”. Not only that, Paolo adds “I would have imagined anything but never ever that a garage door could diminish this feeling”

Paolo before buying, SecureMe, the number one security swing door in Italy, had one of those simple, light, economical, construction site type doors. 

Every time Paolo raised his swing door to go out, he always hoped it wouldn’t fall on him!

Not only that, when he left his home, his thoughts were fixed on home, his loved ones, his belongings


Paolo finally in 2010, left anxieties, fears, concerns outside the door of his house

Today, unpleasant events don’t bother Paolo…

Paolo chose SecureMe, the number one security swing door in Italy


Thanks to SecureMe, Paolo and his family will be able to sleep soundly

Yes, you understood that right!

SecureMe, the security swing door:

  • IS NOT built with standard measurements, but ONLY custom-made;
  • DOES NOT need any extraordinary maintenance;
  • DOES NOT yield to burglary attempts.

And not only… Have you ever tried to raise a swing door not from the center but from one side?

And what feeling did you have? Instability, insecurity, real panic?
Well, this, with SecureMe, does not happen!

And I’ll show you right like this



The Skeptics Will Now Start Trying to Figure Out Where the Trick Is and Where the Deception Lies… But Wait!
Let’s take a step back for a moment

What caused you insecurity, discomfort and instability, just like it did Paolo, was precisely this:


What is meant by warping of a swing door?


As the Treccani Encyclopedia also states, warping of a door means “lateral deflection of a structure under stress along one of its planes of symmetry, causing the structure itself to undergo a deformation much more accentuated than normal, even permanent and dangerous.”


Why Doesn’t SecureMe, the Number One Security Swing Door in Italy, Warp?

Premise: as you may have noticed, all the swing doors you have seen so far on the market warp, and therefore it is legitimate for you to be hesitant about SecureMe

But get comfortable because now I will show you, as I said before, that there is no trick or deception

Were you skeptical when I first told you about it?

Do you still think it’s a scam now?

You should know that this is an experiment I do with everyone who comes to my company and is looking for a swing door (obviously with all the necessary safety precautions and I repeat: DON’T DO IT WITH YOUR DOOR!)

Not that the doors here are different, treated or anything else, because I could do the same thing directly at your home when I install your door!

SecureMe, NEVER warps because it is built with the highest quality materials and is made on the basis of a patented system right here in the company

And this, is one of the many reasons that makes SecureMe, the NUMBER ONE security swing door in ITALY

Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials, resistant, robust, and innovative, SecureMe swing doors are unique, standing out light years ahead of other swing doors on the market.

And let’s be clear, I’m not saying this, but like Michele, many others

As you may have noticed, the doors you can find on the market are light, simple, construction site type, and inexpensive, and can be opened with a simple can opener.



DMA serratura per basculante di sicurezza

When the safety of your family and your home is at stake, you cannot afford to make the wrong choice!
And remember, when I talk about safety, I don’t just mean safety from theft, but also during the use of the asset itself and in this case… THERE ARE NO SAVINGS THAT CAN KEEP UP!!

Don’t do like Paolo, don’t make the same mistakes as him, I wouldn’t want you to regret it bitterly

I’m here for this today, I WANT TO HELP YOU!


Forget about anxieties, fears, and worries. Put yourself in the hands of a team of professionals. Contact 011.933.8348 and make an appointment.

You will be welcome, you will have the opportunity to visit our SecureMe production, to test with your own hands the quality and robustness of the materials… You will have the opportunity to see the door of your dreams being made.

Don’t wait any longer, contact us and in the meantime, click here to enter the world of security swing doors

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