Insulated Overhead Door: How to Choose the Best One

Discover everything you need to know about the right insulation level for your overhead door by reading our new article.

Why do I want to talk to you about this today?

You should know that in recent years, the market for overhead doors has focused a lot on finding the best insulation.

Whether it’s due to a disproportionate increase in fuel costs or the search for greater comfort at home, the results analyzing the characteristics that an overhead door must have all point to better insulation.

Can you blame them?

If you look at the graph below, you will notice that lower insulation corresponds to greater money wastage; the two data points are inversely proportional


Every loss due to poor insulation represents unnecessary money wastage that you could invest elsewhere, perhaps for your family or simply for yourself.

Insulated Overhead Door: What Characteristics Should It Have?

Based on what I said earlier, the more insulated the garage door is, the more money you keep in your pocket.

I have to give you some bad news: that’s not true!

  • The search for a watertight closure to avoid any loss
  • Increasing insulation in walls
  • External cladding systems, etc.

These and other ideas have led you into a tunnel and made you believe that the overhead door must also have the same cold sealing characteristics as a window or entrance door to the house

Now let’s analyze these points together, and you will see that insulation is not always essential for your garage door.

The first point to consider, which in most cases leads you to ask me:

Does the overhead door qualify for energy-saving tax breaks?

Remember that this condition only applies if the space is part of those called “warm” spaces, that is, in your garage, you must have a continuous and fixed heating system like the one you have in all the other rooms of the house.

There should be a radiator installed, underfloor heating, a fan heater, or any other fixed heating source that ensures continuous heating

If your garage does not have these characteristics, carefully consider whether the expense you make to buy your insulated overhead door is really worth it

The second point you need to analyze to choose the insulation for your garage door is:

What is the air exchange needed for your garage?

Here you must be very careful not to make a mistake because you could have many problems.

To avoid making mistakes, consider these 2 fundamental points:

1- Your garage connects to your home

Evaluate this position very well and always remember that in a garage, 99% of the time, it is used to park your car.

Every vehicle, when started to leave or parked in your garage, emits exhaust fumes inside the space.

The dispersal of these fumes occurs through the first escape route from the space.

If you have installed a garage door with high resistance to drafts, the exhaust fumes from your car will go towards the first door you open, and most of the time, it will be the one that leads into the house.

You will constantly find the house flooded with the smell of your car’s exhaust gases, and the unbreathable air will make it uninhabitable

So it’s okay to have an overhead door with insulating panels, but a “watertight” seal is not good.

In the past, carpenters used to say:

a bad closure makes a good house

They were right, and even today, this rule finds its reasons in every home, especially in the garage door.

Install a door with a watertight seal, and you will see that your home will no longer be healthy.

For this reason, on SecureMe, the only security overhead door that never warps, we use materials with very low thermal transmittance, while at the same time making the space healthy.

2- Is your garage underground?

Another point you need to consider is the construction type of your garage:

Everything underground is subject to greater humidity

Surely you have been told that it is better to install an overhead door with maximum tightness in your garage because you will surely be able to retain more heat

They didn’t tell you anything wrong, but remember that in a humid space, if you don’t allow air circulation, you will constantly have to deal with mold and unpleasant odors due to the lack of air exchange

For this reason, on our SecureMe security overhead doors, we have created an innovative continuous air circulation system that makes your garage a healthy space where, if you want, you can use it for parties, lunches, or any other temporary activity.

Don’t be fooled by those who increase the prices of overhead doors

I have given you some insights so that you do not fall into error and be “fooled” by those who increase the price, proposing an absurd certification in favor of energy saving

Remember that every expense you make at home must be reasoned and aimed at the specific use of the item you are buying

I have specialized in the production of overhead doors since as far back as 1990, and I have seen too many people make mistakes just because they were convinced and directed towards the wrong path.

Today you have a lot of elements on which to base your choices; do not rely on those who offer the lowest price because it is precisely in that case that you should ask yourself questions.

Many have tried to imitate us. Besides making us even stronger, this is an aspect you should keep in mind because it also works in your favor: if others imitate us, it means we are doing something truly extraordinary

Do you want to be one of the privileged few to have SecureMe installed in your home garage?

Click here, and finally, you can make your decision in total serenity, carefreeness, and above all, in total security. Make the choice your family has always wanted: Security, design, and the highest quality.

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