Secure Garage Door: Carlo’s Story and the Thefts He Endured

Today, I’ll tell you the story of one of my dear clients and how he managed to find the definitive solution to his problem.

The protagonist is Carlo, an 88-year-old man who has seen and experienced everything in life. His life experience can serve as an example to anyone who comes into contact with him.

Despite his life experience, however, today, I’d like to tell you about some of the mistakes Carlo made, so that you don’t make them yourself.

You should know that Carlo is passionate about model airplanes, and do you know where he parks his 12 model planes? In his garage!

Well, you might think, “What’s strange about that?” Nothing.

For Carlo, his passion for model airplanes began many years ago. Over the years, as he saved money, he would buy or improve a new model airplane.

He invested a lot of money in this passion, but one day all his sacrifices were about to be swept away.

Carlo had a galvanized construction overhead door to access his garage. When he bought the house, it was already installed, and he never worried or wondered how secure that garage door actually was.

However, Carlo still remembers that terrible day as if it were yesterday

The Attempted Theft from His Garage Door


During a regular day, Giuseppe, a friend of Carlo’s, passed by his garage and saw someone tampering persistently with the door. Knowing it wasn’t Carlo, he approached, and the thief fled

Of course, Carlo learned everything in real-time and sprang into action

As a first step, worried about the security of his model airplanes, he called an acquaintance who was a blacksmith and asked for advice on how to make his garage door secure

The world of garage doors, especially when it comes to overhead ones, requires a lot of work experience in the field to achieve an excellent result

Unfortunately, Carlo’s blacksmith friend lacked this experience, and in fact, all he did was apply a “patch solution”

Adding a locking point to the garage door

Carlo knew absolutely nothing about how to increase the security of his garage door, and he trusted this person. After all, anyone would have done the same, not being in the field

Just a few months after the “patch installation”, one morning on his way to work, Carlo saw something he never wished or thought he’d see:

The garage door had been forced and opened during the night by unscrupulous thieves.

They took away all his planes and left his garage completely empty

You can’t understand Carlo at that moment. In just a few seconds, he saw his passion, his memories, and all his lifelong sacrifices disappear.

But how could this happen?

By adding a locking point to the upper part, he ensured that the door was still free at the bottom, and, with great simplicity and speed, the door was bent by leverage on the lower side and then opened from the inside.

Simple, isn’t it?

You understand that an event like this triggers immediate but unfortunately uncontrolled defense mechanisms in a person

The Second Attempt: a lock at the bottom of the garage door

The urgency to secure himself led Carlo to call his blacksmith friend again, who proceeded to install a new lock at the bottom.

Carlo’s passion didn’t discourage him, and in no time, he managed to rebuild a new collection of state-of-the-art model airplanes. A significant economic sacrifice, but the joy he felt when flying was priceless

Exactly one year passed, and Carlo found himself in the same situation again

Another theft, cutting the sheet metal with a can opener, and his state of mind was in complete despair.


This time, however, the desperation of the past event and the desire to change and definitively solve this problem led him to call an acquaintance who had installed SecureMe, the security overhead door a few months earlier.

When I went to see Carlo, he was very distraught, terrified that something like that might happen again.

The first thing Carlo asked me when I introduced myself to him was:

“Are you specialized in overhead doors, or do you do a little bit of everything like everyone else?”

Although he had been directed by someone who was already benefiting from the advantages of SecureMe, the security overhead door, Carlo had never read any of my blog articles

My response was:

“Carlo, tell me what your problem is, and let’s find the right solution for you, your home, and your collection.”

I see Carlo looking at me and saying:

“You are truly specialized in what you do because all the people I’ve called so far have just tried to sell me another overhead door, which would have caused me more fears and wouldn’t have solved my main problem: security!”

Naturally, I sat down with him, and before proposing SecureMe, I had him read some testimonials from some of my clients who had tested the security overhead door with their own hands. Once he heard the reviews and tested the product himself, Carlo insisted on having SecureMe installed at his home.

A few years later, I called Carlo to ask how he was doing with his garage door, and I heard a person full of life, who at 88 had rebuilt his collection of aircraft and who, thanks to me, many of his colleagues had also secured their passions. He even told me that there was another attempted theft, but this time they preferred to force his neighbor’s door.

In fact, Carlo sent other acquaintances of his to my stores, and we concluded several sales, but above all, we made many people who had lost hope feel serene again.

Are you looking for a Security Overhead Door for your garage?

Do as Carlo did

If you find yourself in similar conditions, don’t do as he did

Don’t call someone who does a little bit of everything because you might only worsen your situation

You can choose to stay where you are, with your garage door, with your anxieties and fears of experiencing a theft that takes away part of your life from one day to the next, or you can take control of the situation and change the destiny of your future and your security

All you have to do is click here and find out much more

Don’t wait until it’s too late

See you next time, and remember that SecureMe is the only overhead door that truly protects you

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